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Home decor is one of the most popular businesses since many people want to have a beautiful home. Apart from beauty, many individuals want a house which is warm and comfortable to stay in. This can only be achieved if you make some changes to your house. 

Here are some of the things you might do to cozy up your home.

1)    Upgrade your lighting

Bulbs provide illumination at night but they can also make your room cozy and beautiful. Layers of white light are perfect for reading, cooking and doing other activities that need accuracy. You might mix white-colored bulbs, blue and yellow ones to improve the room where you spend a lot of time. Use multicolored LED bulbs in your bedroom and gaming room since they are energy savers.

Go for table or floor lamps with dimmers instead of using bright overhead lights. Such bulbs enable you to have appropriate brightness when performing various tasks thus making your home cozy. You should also position your bulbs in the right location so that they don’t cause glare when you are watching your TV.

2)    Prep your fireplace

Room temperature is one of the things that make a home comfortable to relax and sleep. If you are located in an area where temperatures drop below freezing point, prepare your fireplace in advance. Get the wood and other supplies so that you can start a fire any time you feel the temperatures have dropped. Switch the arrangement of some sofas and chairs so that they can face the fireplace. This will keep your room warm and cozy and visitors will stay longer.

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3)    Choose the right colors

Cozier color schemes are generated using shades of warmer colors such as yellow, brown and orange. However, it is difficult to use all these colors and get it right. This is why some individuals remain minimalistic by sticking to one warm color and its shades. You can use these colors for your mats, carpet, curtains and even furniture. You might also include a red artwork to draw people’s attention and makes the room feel bigger.

4)    Make your rooms smell good

Get some sprays, oils or scented candles and fill your house with a good scent. A warm scent makes your home cozier and guests will want to stay longer. You may have a variety of scents so that you can change them depending on the occasion, time of the day or even your mood. Candles complement your décor by providing a soft glow which is welcoming.

5)    Have more potted plants

Plants are natural carbon dioxide scrubbers. Some plants which are effective in cleaning the ambient air include orchids, palms, aloe vera, and anthurium. A home with plants is usually inviting and authentic since many people love greenery.

Grow flowers in old bottles or jars to add beauty to your home. You can place them on tables, shelves or even window sills to draw eyes of people to various parts of the room. Ensure that your flowers are in patterns to create balance in the rooms.

6)    Decorate your home with things that you like

Not every item that you like can get a space on your shelf, table or other available space. Have items that create several layers of memories and decorate your home at the same time. It is a good idea to surround yourself with photographs, maps, books, flowers or other items that you love. Some photographs, maps, and work of art might tell a story or make you remember good moments.

The room will be cozier if you look around and see pictures of your parents, friends, grandparents and other people that you love. Jars can contain pebbles, shells, and other collections that bring happy memories of a successful trip. Don’t forget to display your childhood paintings or crafts if you have them since they make your home beautiful. These items make you reflect various life experiences and connect to them emotionally.

7)    Mix patterns and styles

Use carpets, tiles or other flooring material with varying patterns and styles to make the room appealing to guests. Place rugs under your sofa, chairs and coffee table to make the room feel bigger. Cover your bedroom floor with a warm carpet to protect your bare feet from the cold surface especially during the cold season. Those who don’t have radiant heat flooring can use waterproof mats in the bathroom to protect their feet from cold tiles.

8)    Upgrade your furniture

Replace or repaint old furniture to match new ones to create harmony with your rooms. If you have bigger rooms, you might come up with your own custom furniture layout to make the room appealing. You can get thicker cushions and pillows for your sofa to make them comfortable to sit on. Some individuals usually drape a blanket at the backrest of the sofa to keep them warm especially during cold seasons. This allows them to keep their thermostat low to save energy but keep their sofas warm at the same time. Furniture with warm colors like the ones at makes your room cozier. The furniture keeps your room stylish and it complements the design and architecture of your home.

9)    Get throws and warm blankets

The right blankets and throws will keep you warm when the weather changes. Get enough blankets for all family members plus one or two for guests. Most people prefer wool, fleece and faux fur but the choice is yours.

10)    Have things that create happiness

You might consider creating a nook at one of the corners of your room. If it is a sofa or a chair, pick the one with footrest and headrest for maximum comfort. The nook can be the place where you have your evening nap or rest especially during cold seasons.

If you like reading, you can also create a reading area. Set up a comfortable chair, table, and a good lighting system which is easy on your eyes. You might make the spot cozier by getting some pillows to support your head and other items to keep you warm. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your home cozy. There are a few simple tricks which can be applied to improve your home without calling a home décor company. The common ones include using the right colors, making a fireplace, upgrading your furniture, upgrading your lights, making your home smell good and many more.

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