Security and privacy are sensitive matters and cannot be taken lightly; Getting into an individual’s phone and tracking their every move, sounds like a recipe for trouble as it is an invasion of someone’s privacy, but sometimes the circumstances can leave you with no other choice.


There are a number of reasons that can make this necessary. Your growing concerns for your child’s misuse of his/her phone and the internet, or an unfaithful spouse, or the need to know exactly where your child is in their road trip! When you find yourself in a situation which makes this drastic step necessary, you should know where to start and what to do. This article focuses on helping you with just that.


Here are four ways that you can use to track any phone’s location!

Number One: GPS

Almost all phones now have a built-in Global Positioning System, and this means the location of the device can be traced from three satellites orbiting planet Earth. They provide accurate coordinates and all the necessary data that is compiled to track a device.


There are two ways to avail this method:

  • Use a GPS tracking website; you just have to create an account and can get started as soon as you do that! The results of the GPS tracking will be shown on a map on the chosen website.
  • Use a software that enables GPS tracking. In this case, you can monitor the results from your device – computer, laptop or smartphone.

Number Two: Google

Google Earth has been around for a while and it’s fun to look up any place on the planet, but now with the introduction to Google Latitude, its use can be extended to tracking cell phones too!

  • First step is to make sure the device has an internet connection and a Google account.
  • Go to the homepage of Google Latitude and feed in the mobile number of the device you want to track. You will get a text message from Google.
  • You will have to agree to a few questions and instructions, such as, Google asking you if you would want to enable Google to track the current location of the phone. Once you say yes to that, your job is done!

Number three: Spying Applications

This is the most used option and understandably so: it is convenient and efficient.

  • Install the application on the device that you want to keep a track of, and on another device too, such as your PC or phone which can act as the control panel. Use it to monitor the results.
  • There are a variety of applications devoted to providing this service, some are free of cost and some charge a monthly fee and offer better results.
  • To get the right idea about which app to use check out spy app reviews such as the one here: to familiarize yourself with all the details!

Number Four: Mobile Identity Number.

All phones have an identity number called the IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, usually printed under the battery.


  • You need your service provider’s assistance for this option.
  • The company does the work for you.
  • There are legalities involved which make this a less popular choice.


So, there you have it – four effective ways to track any device! Before you go for this, make sure it really is the last resort as an invasion of privacy can have grave consequences!


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