We love our pets. They provide us with companionship and protection. Some of the most popular types of pets are cats and dogs. Despite being adorable, they shed their hair on our floors, carpets and couches. As such, it is important to clean up after our pets. Here are some appliances and products which you can use to clean up the hair that your pet sheds.

1. Vacuum cleaner

This is the most effective appliance which you can use to clean up after your pet. It sucks up any hair, dirt or debris that your pet may leave on the floor, carpet or couch. An example of such is the Dyson Animal Complete vacuum cleaner. It is developed specifically to clean up your pet’s hair. With features such as patented ball technology, it turns rapidly and provides maximum mobility when cleaning up after your pet. This vacuum cleaner can suck up errant pet hairs from your rugs, furniture, carpeting and even hardwood floors.


An interesting feature of the Dyson Animal Complete vacuum cleaner is the Radial Root Cyclone. This facility compacts pet hair so that it can be discarded easily. Thanks to this feature, you can forget all about regular filters and vacuum bags forever. As such, this vacuum cleaner is a highly effective product for pet hair removal.

2. The Sticky Lint Roller

This is a classic product which can be used to clean up after your pet. The Sticky Lint Roller is very easy to use. It is affordable and effective. You can use The Sticky Lint Roller to clean up pet hairs from your couch, clothes and rugs. However, it can be tedious to use for cleaning up an entire room. Thus, it is ideal for limited cleaning jobs.

3. Evercare Mega Roller

Simply put, this is a much larger version of the standard lint roller. It is quite large. The Evercare Mega Roller has a 3 foot long handle attached to a very sticky roller. It is capable of cleaning up pet hairs from furniture, rugs and low-pile carpets. It is like a big duster for pet hair. As such, it is a must-have for any pet lover.

4. The Grooming Glove

Looking like a prop from a science fiction movie, the Grooming Glove is an effective way to remove errant pet hair. The Grooming Glove can also be used to keep your pet’s coat soft and clean. Simply wear it and pet your cat or dog. By doing so, you’re able to clean out all the stray hairs in their fur. You can perform the same petting motion on your furniture or rugs so as to get rid of stray hairs on your furniture, clothes or rugs. The Grooming Glove is soft and one size fits all. It is one of the most convenient ways of getting rid of pet hair.


Pets are loving, dedicated and loyal. We need to clean up after them so that our homes can be clean at all times. We also need to do so for the health of our pets. The products indicated above can help to achieve this. They are designed and developed to clean up pet hairs rapidly and effectively!

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