How good saying “This my home, I brought it” would make you feel? Humans tend to seek stability, certainty, and protection. That’s why the first people had their huts made of branches and leaves, and caves, then, after getting better and better materials and tools, they were finally able to build something that resembles homes as we know today. Now, we seek for such shelters to call our own, buy them and make personal heaven. Do you know what you could fix in your searches methods to get exactly what you want?

Too far away to visit before buying

Purchasing a cat in a bag has never really turned out great for future homeowners. You can’t expect a photo or a virtual visit to cover every important aspect. In most cases, you have to look into a lot of dark corners to know the state of the house, especially if you’re buying from the secondary market. If you won’t examine the state thoughtfully, you may as well buy a bottomless well. You need to check the state of the roof, windows, and construction of the building. If the skylights are old, consider a solid change for wooden roof windows, when you have broken pipes consider contacting a plumber. Bring a professional with you to value the real price of the house and evaluate the costs of potential repairs.

No intention of meeting the neighbors

Crazy neighbor stories are fun when you’re not the one involved. No one wants to deal with unfriendly personas that can super easily make your life hell. It’s actually hard to tell who you’re going to live nearby if you don’t visit the place yourself. On the other hand, if you’re the first one to nest in a new apartment building, you can feel lonely at first. Then when people start to move in and finish up their apartment, the noise will drive you crazy.

Choose the location and check the thickness of the wall. If they’re thin, opt for another apartment. After all, you want to have some peace and quiet time after your everyday duties.

Rushing the decision

There are two facts in the market known for sure: there always is a great house to buy that’s overpriced and that there is a tonne of mediocre ones that are overpriced as well. Buying a home is an important decision for many reasons, so don’t ever rush it. Find a good location, price, state, and surrounding. Take it slowly. Give yourself a year if you want to be certain. Just don’t believe an agency when it says that it’s “the best offer ever”, because it probably isn’t. Their job is to sell and make a living out of it. When you take it cool, you won’t regret it.

Buying the most expensive house around

If you have money and don’t really care, how expensive the property it will be, nobody will stop you. But you have to remember, that the costly house doesn’t have to be the best for you. It can be way too big and the bills will be enormous, too hard to keep clean or overall too much for your personal taste after some time. Of course, it’s nice to have a room for each child as well as for some guests, two or three bathrooms, but more would be an unnecessary exaggeration. Choose wisely and you won’t regret it.

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