Done right, it’s the most comfortable place in your living room. A good recliner can make or break your living room, giving you the ultimate in comfort for watching movies, enjoying sports, or staying up to date with the latest news.

Just like sofas, ottomans, and other living room furniture, there’s more to picking a recliner than just choosing the right color and material. From design and features to its location within your living room, a variety of factors go into making a recliner a nice place to spend your time.

Interested in getting the most from your recliner? Whether you’re shopping for a new recliner and want to get the most for your money, or you need a way to freshen up your existing chair, apply these four tactics to get more from your favorite place to recline.

Small Room? Choose a Wall-Saver Recliner

Furnishing a small living room? For small homes and apartments, it’s often better to choose a wall-saver recliner over a conventional rocker recliner to save space.

Wall-saver recliners slide out as you recline, letting you sit back without needing to keep your recliner far from the rear wall. This lets you keep your recliner closer to the wall of your living room than with a traditional rocker recliner, helping you maximize living room space.

As their name suggests, wall-saver recliners also “save” your walls by making it impossible for the back of the chair to slam into walls accidentally, limiting scuffs and damage to your home.

Keep Your Recliner In The Right Location

When it comes to getting the most from your recliner, location matters. Place your recliner too close to the TV and you’ll constantly have to lean back for a comfortable viewing angle; keep it too far away and you’ll get a less pleasurable viewing experience.

The best place to recline in your living room is generally three to seven feet away from your TV, depending on the size of the TV screen. Work yours out by using the first digit of your TV’s size — for a 32” television, three feet away; for a 70” television, approximately seven feet away.

This rule (one foot of distance per 10 inches of screen size) should give you a comfortable angle for viewing TV from your recliner, all while maximizing your TV’s presence.

Focus on High Quality, Durable Materials

One key to getting a long lifespan from your recliner is to invest in a chair made using reliable, high quality materials.

If you’re shopping for a new recliner, it’s best to prioritize models made using top-grain leather, which offers the best combination of aesthetics and durability. To save money, you can also opt for a synthetic microfiber recliner, which is less expensive and offers better moisture resistance.

In general, it’s best to avoid vinyl recliners, as vinyl can easily crack and peel over time, giving you a recliner that looks worn, aged and out of place in your living room.

Always Try It Before You Buy It

A good recliner should fit like a pair of shoes — snugly and comfortably, with just the right amount of extra space for optimal relaxation. Despite this, many people buy recliners without ever “trying them on” first to check the fit.

Before you buy a recliner, check that it’s designed for your build. If you’re big and tall, pick a recliner with enough space to let you sit back comfortably. If you’re on the shorter side, make sure the recliner you’re considering isn’t too high for a comfortable seating position.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your recliner, so take fit seriously. A recliner that fits your body will make sitting back in front of the TV a much more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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