Small bathrooms are challenging, especially for those with big families. They usually make you feel big and weighty, even though you are not. Besides, finding the right amount of clearance for a proper shower may be hard, so is finding the best place to put a towel, and beauty products as well as other toiletries.

Moreover, configuring the sink and toilet code is also hard and can be frustrating. However, you can always move some things here and there, in order to make use of your small bathroom.

Therefore, depending on your small bathroom design, you can do some research to see the best design tips that can work for it, for better results.

Likewise, you can familiarize yourself with some basic bathroom features, words, and abbreviations. This way you get to understand every Bathroom Acronyms Explained, by the builder without any problem for better progress and end results.

So depending on your family size as well as taste and preference when it comes to bathrooms, you can always opt for any of the design tips listed here. They can work for almost any small bathroom design. You just have to be motivated and open-minded about the new outlook.

1.     Install a Corner Sink

Anything placed in a corner saves on space and prevents constant bumps and hits. Therefore, it is only wise that you install a corner sink in your small bathroom to create more space and make the bathroom better, in terms of outlook and access.

Moreover, the size of the corner sink also matters, but the smaller the better. However, it has to be functional and convenient for numerous uses, probably with a bottom drawer or compartment for storing toiletries.

Consequently, this corner sink usually works best if it is across the toilet and not the shower. This is because it can create an awkward walk-around condition, especially when you are opening and closing the shower door or curtain.

2.     Skip Installing the Shower Door

Depending on your bathroom size, it is always better that smaller bathrooms skip the shower glass door and opt for a shower glass panel.

A shower glass door will take up much space, especially if the bathroom conditions are tight, but a glass panel will not. A glass panel will keep most of the shower water inside the shower, and still manage to free up the needed elbow-room.

In relation, you can opt for a bathroom shower curtain that moves back and forth with ease. It will save the space taken by a glass door that moves in and out.

3.     Float or Round the Vanity

This usually depends on the design of your small bathroom. If you want your bathroom to have a better and bigger appearance, then you can mount the vanity above the floor. This way you get some bottom space for storing toiletries and other small stuff.

You can also round the vanity if you are dealing with a small tight bathroom with sharp corners, as they are hip hazards. Therefore, if the vanity corner is too much, you can opt for a rounded one that will not get in your way. Rounded vanity usually works best in squared small bathrooms.

4.     Expand the Mirror

In tight small bathrooms, mirrors can be hard to place and even share. However, the only way to make it better for two people is to expand it all over the wall, probably above the sink and the toilet. This way it accommodates at least two people. Remember every inch counts, so make the best of it.

5.     Extend Counter over the Toilet

This banjo-style arrangement can be done using stone or wood slab, the choice lies in your taste and preference as well as bathroom design and décor.

This extended counter can create the needed space for toiletries. If you are worried about toilet placement, the design will not affect it at all. As it is a clean minimal look that will accentuate the appearance of your small bathroom for the better.


Therefore, before you opt for any bathroom design tip to make your small bathroom look better. Do some research, the more you know the better for everyone involved in the design process. This way you are also confident with your choice.

You can always browse other design tips to make a small bathroom better, depending on your bathroom design and size. Nonetheless, our tips above are ideal for different kinds of small bathrooms. Feel free to use any of them.

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