Pollution isn’t something you can stop on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to protect yourself from it. Air is one of the worst mediums of matter to be polluted. Simply, you can’t stop yourself from breathing. Dust, pollen, VOC, aerosol particles, and many other pollutants can’t be seen with the naked eye, but their damage is evident. It’s quite natural to want to secure your home, shut the doors and windows, but that can also trap polluting elements in your home. Thanks to air purifying technology, it’s now possible to use devices that can clear the air and ensure you’re breathing the finest quality you could wish for. 

Here are the top 5 devices we believe do the greatest job in improving air quality.

Ozone Generator

When we hear ozone, we probably think about the protective surrounding layer that keeps the UV levels at bay. Ozone is a very reactive element composed of three oxygen atoms; meaning that it can interact with a plethora of elements. Your regular home ozone generator produces enough to react with almost all types of bacteria which helps it fight odors no matter how resistant they are. Killing the bacteria ensures that the indoor air you’re breathing is not toxic or harmful to you. Ozone can also kill pests and insects if you run it long enough methodically.

UV Purifiers

The short-wave UV light can fight toxic pathogens and many types of bacteria. UV air purifiers are usually installed in AC systems. As air is cycled through the AC, it’s forced to interact with UV rays produced from special lamps which irradiate and disinfect it from toxic elements. UV air purifiers aren’t popular as standalone devices, they work better when installed in an HVAC system.

Whole-House Humidifier

In winter, your indoor air lacks humidity, in other words, it’s dry. When the air is dry, it becomes a playground for bacteria and viruses. This is why people’s allergies spike during the winter, in addition to dry nasal passages. The lower the humidity, the more accommodating the air is to bacteria. A whole-house humidifier can increase the humidity of your house to a constant and stable level that ensures that your house becomes less welcoming to bacteria and viruses.

Air Purifier

Similar to the mechanism of a UV air purifier, an air purifier pulls air through a fan and a motor. The air pulled is forced to pass through a series of filters which attacks airborne particles like dust, pollen, and other toxic particles. Once it passes through the filter, it’s let out again into the air. Some air purifiers use negative ions to disarm airborne particles as it sticks to them and makes them too heavy to be carried by air.

The air quality of your home is something that you can’t ignore for a long time. If your air is toxic, it will creep on you slowly until you realize that it’s suffocating you. Our best advice is to use these new technologies to your advantage to ensure maximum convenience and effectiveness.

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