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Oral hygiene isn’t a new concept to anybody. It’s the primary means to keep a healthy set of teeth and gums. In the dental world, and in all other aspects of medicine, prevention really is the best approach to one’s health. Yes, everybody knows that brushing one’s teeth is important. But brushing your teeth for a few seconds just isn’t enough. If you want to really give the attention your teeth and gums deserve, here are 5 essential tools to use to make sure that your smile stays as pristine as it was at its best.

1. Electric Toothbrush

Most people brush way too hard. There’s a forced mechanical pressure that people tend to apply when they strike back and forth. Plaque and tartar buildup is not like rust. It’s much softer.  Using an electric toothbrush allows for one to effectively remove stains and plaque from your teeth without pushing and scraping away the enamel in the process.

 2. Classic Floss

Everybody says you need to floss more. Why? Because you do. Most cavities that patients have are between the teeth and not on the top of the crown like we’re led to believe. Having physical floss is perfect for between meals or when you’re out in public. A few seconds in the bathroom, removing pieces of food and rinsing out, can save you hundreds on cavity fillings in the future.

3. Water Flosser

After you’ve changed into your pajamas and you’re ready to call it a night, this is where the real care takes place. A water flosser is the perfect way to safely remove all debris from in between your teeth. This keeps your gums from bleeding if they’re sensitive. They also are much more thorough at doing the job than a string is. In terms of brands, the biggest ones are Ultra and Aquarius. If you’re trying to decide which is the best, the internet is your friend. There are 15 or so comparisons between the Ultra and Aquarius with every detail having been taken into account. What you’re looking for, in essence, is something that is both affordable and reliable. In this case, the midrange usually comes out on top.

4. Tongue Scraper 

People always forget the tongue. Your tongue is made up of intrinsic and extrinsic muscles that are covered by layers of buds and crypts. In these tiny spaces, bacteria can build up that causes bad breath and discoloration. Having a good tongue scraper can remove and break up any sort of buildup in these spaces and keep your breath smelling as fresh as possible.

5. Personal Teeth Whitening System

To polish off the look, a good teeth whitening system is an absolute must. Everyone loves a good smile, and the radiance of some grand pearly whites are just what one needs to get ahead in any social situation. It gives the impression of health and attentiveness that people respect.

Oral hygiene isn’t all about what you need in case something goes wrong. It’s about having the right tools and habits to prevent it in the first place. In having a solid routine and a healthy diet that promotes all around good health isn’t just a way to look good, it’s an investment in your future.

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