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Maybe you’re planning to buy a new home or you’re just getting into the business of buying and selling real estate property. It feels great to walk potential buyers into your property and finally signing a deal with a willing buyer. But what most people don’t know is that there’s more to selling a home than just putting a screaming “For Sale” sign at the front yard. There are many things at play that could affect the time your property stays on the market and how much it fetches you.

To give you a seamless experience when selling, here are 5 things to do before putting your property on sale.

1. CDE: Clean, Declutter, and Exterminate

Nothing can be more off-putting to potential buyers than dust, pet dander, foul smells, and clutter. These are some of the things that can make your property stay for months or even years on the market. In addition to dirt and clutter, pests are another huge threat to the sale of a property. As a matter of fact, some buyers will request a report from a reputed pest inspection firm before they can put pen on paper and seal the deal. Marcus Anthony from The Pinnacle List asserts that if you suspect a bug infestation, getting a home pre-inspection report from the best bed bug control firm will give you peace of mind while making your selling process easier and faster. A clean, clutter-free, and pest-free home will also make it easier for you to set the price and fetch you stronger offers from confident buyers. So, before you list your property, it’s best to start by giving it a deep cleaning service, exterminate, and get rid of things that you no longer or rarely use.

2. RUR: Repair, Upgrade, and Renovate

A property that is well-maintained and in tip-top shape will obviously be more attractive to potential buyers. On this note, you’ll want to ensure that everything is running and functioning properly. From your plumbing to your appliances, heaters, air conditioning, windows, doors, and every little thing. You may also want to do some upgrade such as upgrading your lighting fixtures, faucets, cabinetry, and so forth if need be. Check for minor damages and get them fixed asap.

3. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing sells a home faster than a great curb appeal… and if you guessed right, repainting can work magic even for a dilapidated home that looks as if it has been abandoned since the eighties. A fresh coat of paint could be all you need to get your home looking macho and more attractive to buyers. However, real estate experts suggest going for neutral paint colors as not all colors may be appealing to everyone. These include colors such as whites, taupe, gray, and beige, especially on the walls. You may also want to extend the paint job to your cabinetry, moldings, and trim, where need be.

4. Depersonalize the Space

Another secret to increasing your home’s selling potential is to put away those personal items personalized stuff such as family portraits from walls and the rest of the space. This allows any potential buyer you bring over for sight-seeing to envision themselves as the happy owners. The key is to remove distractions.

5. Research The Market

last but not least, market research is a must. It makes it easy for you to set a price for your property. Be sure to find out how much similar properties in your area are going for, so you don’t set the tag too high or too low. Better yet, working with a good real estate agent will take away much of the load from your shoulder.

Selling a home is fun, but it’s not always a walk in the park. Specifically, it can be devastating to go months without a significant offer from potential buyers. With the above tips, however, selling your property could be easier than you ever thought.

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