The smart home revolution isn’t just at home in the kitchen or the living room, it’s also coming to a bathroom near you. There are numerous smart items now available in the bathroom and they can change the feel of the space as well as be remarkably convenient. Here are some of the ways these items are changing the bathroom.


Smart Toilets


Dubbed the throne room, it seems appropriate that the bathroom is fitted with a state-of-the-art toilet. As impressive as they are, smart toilets have certainly evolved from the days when sensor flush and automatic lid applications were the “thing” –  it is funny how these outdated applications seemed like the most futuristic things just a decade ago.


Bluetooth compatibility, built-in bidets, and heated seats are just the tip of the iceberg. Some toilets even have built-in air dryers, which we think is totally invigorating in the morning as it makes the entire process practically hands free. The sky’s the limit when it comes to smart toilets, with some even featuring LED lighting, self-cleaning mechanisms, and self-deodorizing systems.




Faucets which use motion detection are not just for public restrooms – you can have one installed at home too! Better yet, there are faucet products available on the market today that come with built-in dryers. What does that mean? Well, it means that there are now no water drips on the floor when your hands go for the towel. With this option, who’ll even need towels in their bathroom anymore?


Digital Taps


Ordinary knob and taps are so last year! Today, it is all about digital controls that feature LCD shower panels which allow you to control your showering experience better. With these panels, you can dim the lights, adjust steam and water flow, change music or even dim the lights.


Smart Mirrors


Smart mirrors have become increasingly mainstream and we’re seeing them emerge as a popular trend for 2018. These mirrors can do anything from showcase the latest news and weather to play music.


Music and audio playing mirrors are also common. Bluetooth equipped mirrors can play music from your phone or tablet, can be used to control what you’re listening to and even skip between tracks on your Spotify playlists.


Showerhead – Wireless Speaker


If you are a music junky and like listening to music as you shower, then the $103 (Amazon price) Kohler Moxie Showerhead/Wireless Speaker might just be what you need. While its bass can sometimes be a bit shaky, the detachable wireless speaker still produces quality sound – simply connect via Bluetooth and stream your music as you take a shower. The showerhead’s design is quite impressive too – measuring just 4.18in x 5in, the showerhead is available in either polished chrome or white finishes.


Connected Toothbrush


If self-cleaning toothbrushes do not impress you, then you need to see connected toothbrushes. Yep, you heard right! These toothbrushes are connected just like all your smart devices in your home. These handy little tools track your brushing techniques and habits, then send you a report, and, if need be, tips on how to improve your brushing patterns and practices.


App-Controlled Bathroom


Our lives today are ruled by smartphone, and they can now rule the bathroom too. There are several systems on the market that can be controlled via an application on your iPad, tablet or phone. That means that you can now turn on your shower while still in bed to ensure that the temperatures are perfect by the time you step into the shower. With app-controlled bathrooms you can adjust heating, music being streamed through your bathroom and lighting from anywhere you are in the house. The only thing that these applications cannot do is go to the loo for you.

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