Being one with nature has a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being. But, did you know that you can bring nature home, even if you live in the city? Regardless of where you live, be it in the city or in the countryside, you can create a relaxing atmosphere by bringing natural elements into your home. There are several ways, but here are the seven most popular ways:

Natural Furniture

Consider using unfurnished pieces of wood for your tables, chairs, dividers or wall shelves. It is your option to apply your own finish such as natural stains from linseed oil or leave the furniture unfurnished. You can also use rustic furniture made from tree stumps. A coffee table made from a short tree stump will surely be the center of attention. Better yet, place a driftwood on your coffee table to add to that rustic appeal. Additionally, using furniture made from reclaimed wood is another way of bringing out that homey countryside feel.

Rocks and Stones

Apart from garden pathways, you can use rocks and stones in designing your interiors. If your home is still under construction or under renovation, consider the idea of a brick wall that can also act as a room divider between the living room and the dining room. You can also use some stone backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom to give you that outdoorsy feel. But if renovation is a bit too much, you can still use rocks, stones, and pebbles as home decorations by creating a terrarium. Depending on the overall theme of your interiors, there are various decorative bowls available. You can even add some sea shells in your rock terrarium. This is a perfect centerpiece in your living room or even in your dining table.

Water Element

Water is soothing and what better way to incorporate the water element in your interior through a slate water wall. The downside, however, is that slate water walls come with a hefty price. But don’t fret just yet because you can also use water fountains. There are different sizes and shapes of water fountains and a small one can fit your living room table perfectly.

Plants: The Use of Flowers, Greens, and Branches

It sure is nice to wake up to the smell and sight of fresh flowers with vibrant colors. You can use a variety of flowers arranged in a classy and elegant way as centerpieces for your tables, be it in the living room area or in the dining area. You can even use some edible flowers in your kitchen. The downside however is that you need to change these flowers when these become wilted. 

Therefore, an affordable alternative is succulents because these are relatively easy to maintain, with some even sprouting colorful flowers. Succulent galleries are definitely pleasing to the eyes and can be incorporated into any room, and yes, even the bathroom. Another alternative is to create your own herb garden. Not only will this add to the natural feel in your kitchen, but you can delight yourself in different aromas as well. You can use some recycled bottles or small wooden baskets, just make sure that your herb plants get sufficient sunlight.

On the other hand, branches and pine cones can also be used to bring nature into your home. Reinvent the way that your living room looks by using a branch as a focal point on a blank wall. You can also arrange branches to act as a frame for pictures or a small stand for papers and magazines. You can use plain pine cones or painted ones to accentuate your design.


Perhaps the easiest way to bring in natural elements into your home is by opening up and letting the light shine through. If possible, open up your windows too, and breathe the fresh air. If your budget permits, consider putting in some windows in rooms closed in by walls. Also, try to switch to soft organic fabrics in choosing your curtains because heavy and bulky ones tend to block the light coming through. Let sunshine be the source of your illumination during the day, and bask in the moonlight during the night.

Overall, the look of your home can be upgraded by bringing in natural elements. Having a sense of being in touch with nature can significantly improve your mood. There is a saying that home is where the heart is, and if your heart belongs to nature, then for sure natural elements will make you feel truly at home no matter where you live.

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