Do you feel a pain in your back when you bend down to pick up simple objects? Research says that almost more than 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain mainly after 30. There are people who experience neck pain and upper back pain. Back pain can take a heavy toll on your health and it can affect you badly if it goes on for a long time. There are several reasons for it, like sitting in non-ergonomic chairs for a long time, sleeping posture, sleeping material, lifting heavy objects, the spinal epidural given to pregnant women and so many more. Now, take a look at 7 ways to reduce back pain:

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight is important – Staying fit is very necessary to keep back pain under control. You have to maintain a proper body weight and therefore you need to stick to a balanced diet. Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables; do not have processed food and fatty items. Remember, those extra kilos can stress your back muscles. If you feel that you are overweight, start cutting calories and do some exercising. Stick to a fitness regime and have an eating plan.


  1. See to your office ergonomics – Most people spend long hours in the office and hunched over their laptops. It’s best to use ergonomic desks and chairs to keep your neck, shoulders and back healthy. If your workstation needs improvement then do that immediately. The monitor should be fixed at eye level and it must be minimum 20 inches away from your face. Keep your wrist parallel to the floor, elbow close and shoulders relaxed while working. There are so many people who feel lower back pain while sitting; it might be due to the incorrect sitting posture on a regular basis.

Use the right kind of mattress – Improper beds and mattresses can lead to acute back pain that lasts for a prolonged time. Right kind of spine alignment is absolutely necessary while you are sleeping or sitting. The sleeping position also affects, therefore sleep on your side with knees bent. Do not place a high pillow under the neck, instead use a lighter one. Do not twist your lower back while sleeping; use pillows between legs if necessary. If your mattress is not in good condition and you are experiencing back pain, invest in a new mattress topper. You can have a consultation with the companies and purchase a topper based on the cause of your back pain. All the products are differently designed but buy the one that has great features. Mattress toppers can do magic, it can transform old mattresses into new ones. If you have a new mattress, buy a great topper to keep back pain away. Soft mattresses do not align your back in a proper way; choose a mattress that is firmer.


  1. Try meditating and yoga


Mind is a very powerful thing and based on research it has been found that people who meditate on a regular basis get rid of chronic pain which includes back pain. Meditation improves physical and mental health, keeps anxiety, sleep disorders and other conditions away. The meditation posture helps to reduce a backache. Yoga is very effective in curing all types of pain but you need to dedicate time for it.


  1. Do exercises that keep back muscle strong – Degeneration of the spine causes back problems. There are certain muscles that are responsible for keeping the spine healthy. Do the necessary exercise that takes care of the spine; there are certain physical therapies for backache treatment. Stretching the muscles helps to maintain flexibility and lessens back problems. It also plays a major role in healing back injury.

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  1. Get massages almost regularly – Massages promote good blood circulation, it is extremely beneficial for back pain. Visit a reputed massage parlor and make sure you get it done only by experts. If improper techniques are applied, the pain can aggravate.


  1. Take hot baths – A long hot bath can do wonders, it has a soothing effect on the muscles. The best option is to take a warm bath a couple of hours before going to bed. You can use a bath cushion to give added support to your back when inside the bathtub.


You need to take certain precautions to keep back pain under control; it won’t vanish overnight but gradually subside. You simply need to follow a few lifestyle changes and practice healthy habits to get relief.

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