Whenever you’re planning your layout, you’re bound to focus on the best and most essential parts of your house: the kitchen, the living room, bedrooms and others. No one ever walks into your house and says, “Alright, show me the attic!” or “show me where you’re keeping all your winter clothes!”

Storage isn’t exciting and it’s often left till the very end. Your storage places usually end up being “whatever isn’t being used”.  After all, you probably have a lot of stuff lying around your house and it needs a place to go. 

But, there are great ways to make your storage spaces acceptable, look good and out of the way. You’re already making your house smart, so why not make it storage smart? There’s no guarantee you’ll be making storage fun or attractive, but you can definitely make it easier on you and wow your next houseguests.

Under the Bed

It was always easy to sweep away the clutter and mess under the bed as a child, but now’s the time to make it an easy storage space. Some beds have cabinets built in, making it an easy place to store clothes or toys.

If you’re looking to go the DIY route, you can turn a cabinet shelf on its side and add wheels under. Put a handle on the “top” of the shelf for easy pull out. Use the shelves as dividers for whatever you decide to put under your bed. 

Make Use of Tables

That coffee table in the middle of your room doesn’t have to be for old magazines and watermarks when people forget to use coasters. 

Look for coffee tables that have storage underneath. Some are even able to fold up, adding a second level of sorts. It’s perfect to store whatever you don’t want on your table.

Just Hanging Around

Verticality is a lost art when it comes to space saving, so make the most of it in your kitchen. Your mother may have used a hanging fruit basket when you were younger and now is a great time to break it back out.

You don’t have to limit your basket to just fruit and you don’t have to limit the basket to the kitchen either. It can be used for dog toys, tools or other household items. 

Top of the Cabinet to You

Many people’s kitchen cabinets do not extend to the top of the ceiling. An easy storage option is getting boxes or baskets that match the wall’s color.

That way, you can store those non-essential items away and have the boxes and baskets blend into the wall. It’s a sort of camouflage aspect that can have your items and stuff hiding in plain sight. 

Barn Doors

No, you don’t have to move out to the country to take advantage of barn doors but instead add them in your own home.

One way of saving space in your closet and room is to add a barn door and instead of opening and blocking space means you can simply slide them back and forth. They are also one of the many things in style that will help bring your home into 2019.

Manage those Wires

Since you’re a human being living in the 21st century, you’ve got tons of gadgets lying around. Wireless power is still something the future holds for us and until then, you’re bound to have wires hanging around everywhere.

There are plenty of unique tricks to keeping your wires out, but the best way is to take binder clips and clip them to the edge of a table. String the wires and cables through the openings to help manage your wires and keep the clutter away. There are plenty of other people who have used LEGO people to hold wires in tact, a great idea for children!

Magnetize It

Magnets make not only a cheap souvenir, but also an easy way to store your makeup, spices or desk items. Put a metal board along the wall and glue your items to tin cans. 

Easily hang the tin cans and move them at any time as well.

Hanging your Shoes

Your shoes can take up a lot of space along the floor or simply act as household landmines. Nail a pegboard to the back of your closet door and easily hang your shoes there.

Make sure the pegs are long enough so they reach to the back of the heel of the shoe.

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