8 Practical Tips to Help Sleep Better at Night without Pain

“Can’t sleep at night and can’t wake up in the morning”, is the latest trending story of every individual with a busy schedule.

What could be the reason behind this major tendency?

The answer is found in your sleeping habits, which includes the unsound pre, post and intra activities you perform while snoozing.

So, here we provide you 8 practical tips with do’s and don’ts, which when followed can improve your sleep quality.

1. De-stress and unwind while on bed

Well, we always have a lot on our plate, but it is good to keep them away while we on our bed.

Stressing out yourself and thinking hard and long does nothing more than spoiling your health.

So, unwind, let yourself loose and let the sweet dreams knock the door.

2. Choose the right stuff

It is very much important to choose the right stuff for you to sleep on because they also have the impact on your sleep.

So, make sure you choose the best mattress and pillow to have a sound sleep.

Because an uneven, too soft or too firm mattress and also the high pillows can’t cope with your spinal alignments and can result in severe back pain and neck pain.

If you are looking for some help regarding the choice of mattress then you can visit bestmattress.reviews, if you are side sleepers. which can help you in selecting the best mattress for you to experience the best sleep.

3. Sleep in the best posture

Your sleep position is another important factor which effects substantially on your health and sleep.

We are in trillions of populations and everyone has their own way of snoozing.

But every position has their positive and negative impact on the body.

Let’s look at some of the positions:

  1. On back – The back sleeping is considered to be the best among all sleep positions, but a long time on the back can cause instances like snoring and sleep apnea.
  2. On stomach – Sleeping on stomach seems to be a much-relieved sleep position but this is scientifically regarded as the worst sleeping position. It results in lower back pain and in some cases also causes sleep apnea.
  • On the side–The side sleeping position is doctor recommended one and the sleep position improves the blood circulation, but on one side for a long time can result in squished arm numbness. So, switching the sides can do for your sleep sound.And, also a pillow for side sleepers between the knees to prevent the stress on hips and maintain the spine alignment is also recommended.

4. Workout of the day is important

Exercises stretches, aerobics can help you boost the energy, promote the flow of blood and for sure will also improve the quality of sleep.

The workout you perform during a day will help you bring your body pain under control while napping or snoozing for long.

So, it is important for you to include the 1-2 hours of workout in your busy schedule to have a sound and painless sleep.

5. Maintain Proper diet

The food you intake affects your health as well as your sleep. Wondering how?

Then let’s find out.

Having the food rich in carbs can keep you drowsy eventually keeping you awake all night.

So, avoid spicy food and carbohydrates during the dinner.

Consuming caffeine or beverages disturbs your sleeping hours, so avoid drinking them before going to bed.

6. A hot bath before sleep could do

Having a nice hot bath can let you fall asleep easily because a bath before going to bed relieves you from stress and reduces the body pains and lets you enjoy the deep and tight sleep.

7. Plan for eight hours of sleep

A complete eight hours sleep is the ideal duration of good sleep.

A minimum of 6 hours of sleep for an adult is mandatory to maintain the mental health.

A complete and satisfied sleep can keep you recharged and active for the next day.

8. Follow “Early to bed, early to rise” policy

Of course, you are very much familiar with this saying.

But this phrase can actually do wonders for your day if you follow it.

So, if you are looking for a good change in your overall health then get to bed on time and prepare to be early to have a great impact on your health and work.

Take away

A pleasing and cool environment to sleep and having a siesta during the day can also promote the better sleeping experience at night.

A good and sound sleep can save you from ruining your day; it is good to be happy and active than sad, drowsy and gloomy.

Hope the above-mentioned tips can help you bring a change in your life and also in your health.

So, duermebein folks!

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