Working with wood is not a child’s play; it requires a lot of experience and patience to craft the wood into something beautiful and useful thing.

If you get your hands on your tools and practice regularly, it will help you to create stuff like a table, chair, cutting the wood pieces of perfect length and shape, etc.

In this article, we have listed down eight woodworking tips and tricks that will help you to enhance your skills.

Layout of wood

It is quite obvious that wood pieces get mixed up when you have a lot of pieces of similar length. Giving each piece a number is a good idea but using a triangular shape is considered an easy way.

Since a triangle shape can be made only in one way, if you move a piece, you will recognize the other part more easily. To this, draw a triangle on the piece of wood when they are in the correct position and hit every piece you want to keep with each other. With this method, you can even keep the complex pieces from getting mixed up.

Marking the cut lines

It is always better to put a little tick mark on the side you have to cut. It will save you a lot of time remeasuring the length and finding the point from where you have to cut the piece.

If you cut directly on the marked line, there are chances that the blade kerf would consume your perfectly measured piece resulting in an inaccurate cut.

Invest in great tools

It is essential to invest some money in your tools. With good and perfect tools your workflow will be enhanced. Do not go after costly tools if you are a beginner, look for tools which are very basic and necessary for woodwork like a hammer, screwdrivers, a drill machine, etc. Apart from this a Drum sander is especially a great tool for woodworking. You can read reviews here.

Also, try to buy them at a low rate do not run behind quality as it doesn’t matter much if you purchase cheap tools, remember you will be able to purchase more tools.

Clean up the glue

Glue or adhesive is an amazing solution for sticking the pieces of wood together which is impossible with nuts and bolts.

When you stick two pieces of wood with glue, clean-up the extra glue from the edges while it is still wet, you can use sawdust and rub it around to get rid of the excessive glue. Do not wait for the glue to dry up as it will be hard to remove it then and if you use water to remove it the wood can absorb the water and start swelling.

Wax paper covers

It is very annoying when you accidentally glue the wood to the project table, and unsticking can be troublesome and time-consuming. So, it is better to place a piece of wax paper or parchment paper so that your pieces of woods and glue will not stick to the work table and it will stay clean and won’t feel sticky.

Drill depth

It is not necessary to drill the material completely at times but if you tend to make this mistake repeatedly and waste the material try putting stop marks on the drill.

You can use a color tape on your hand-held drill for putting stop marks so that you don’t drill the material completely.

Accurate measurements

Taking this concept further a story stick can also be used from drilling holes a consistent distance from an edge. Make a story stick as usual, but this time drill an opening at the measured mark. Now your story stick can be used as a drill guide.

It necessary to make accurately measured pieces but if you have to make 5-10 same pieces, it would be tiresome to measure each piece again. So, measure one piece accurately and keep it as a reference for the other pieces, you can either make a reference piece with a scrap piece or use the first piece as the reference for the rest of the pieces.

Making straight lines in the wooden rod

Making a straight line on a wooden rod or a dowel is very challenging and tiresome even though you have a 1000 dollar pencil. A straightforward solution for this is, keep the wooden dowel into any straight and slotted service to create a line.

In brief

In this article we discussed the eight woodworking tips and tricks that are the fundamental tips that are ignored more often, applying them would make your workflow smoother.

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