A huge space can be difficult to work with without proper lighting. If you are running a warehouse, there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing warehouse lighting: productivity and safety. Your employees cannot perform at their best if the warehouse is poorly lit. To ensure optimum staff productivity, you should install the right light fixtures in your warehouse. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the most common accidents which occur in warehouses include trips, slips, and falls. As a result, a total of 95 million work days is lost every year. The best way to negate such accidents from happening is by ensuring there is sufficient lighting in the warehouse.

When you have the right warehouse lighting installed, it will increase productivity and enhance safety. If you are thinking about upgrading your warehouse lighting then you are not alone. Most people that run a warehouse in Brisbane have considered installing lights in their space, but do not know where to start. If you want to find the best warehouse lighting that is energy efficient, long lasting, and efficient then search for Warehouse lighting Brisbane.

In this article, we will provide valuable tips that will help you choose the right light fixtures for your warehouse.

Understand the different light source

It is important you understand the different types of warehouse lighting before making a buying decision. The three types of warehouse lights include fluorescent lights, LED lights, and HID lights. HID lights were the first lights to be used in the warehouse back in the day. This type of warehouse light source has a low initial cost, but they take up a lot of energy. The benefit of fluorescent lights is that they use less electricity compared to HID lights. However, if you are looking for an energy efficient lighting source for your warehouse then you should choose LED lights.

Determine your warehouse brightness

Most warehouses built today include high ceilings. So, when you are choosing warehouse lighting it is important you determine if it is bright enough. You might not know this, but your warehouse’s walls and ceilings affect the illumination. Ceilings and walls with light colors such as cream and white reflect light, reducing the need for lumens between spaces.

Consider light color

A light color is very important when it comes to warehouse lighting. This is because light color affects factors such as clarity and contrast. When it comes to the color temperature you can find different types of light source, namely cool, bright, warm, natural, and daylight. Light color determines how objects are seen by people and can also affect productivity and mood.

l Ensure lighting fixtures are properly spaced

It is important you ensure lighting fixtures are properly spaced in the warehouse. In case the light fixtures are placed too close together, it will cause hot spots and glare. On the other hand, if the light fixtures are spaced out too far, it will lead to dark spots. Choosing a lighting professional can help you determine how lighting fixtures should be better spaced.

Following the above tips can help you choose a cost-efficient lighting fixture for your house. But if you want to save money, it is important you compare the prices of different energy savings options. Also, make sure you examine your supplier to ensure that you are buying high-quality lighting fixtures for your warehouse.

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