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Whether you have a grand formal dining room, a relaxed dedicated dining room or an open plan living, kitchen and dining space, you’re going to majorly benefit from investing in a sideboard or buffet. These pieces are pretty old school, they used to be essential for any dining room but what with increasingly small homes, we don’t see them so much anymore. That does not mean that they aren’t still incredibly handy and, when you find the right one, very stylish! So, what does it take to nab that perfect sideboard or buffet for your household? Read on to find out…

Understand your space

In order to properly style and enhance your home, you need to understand first! This means taking exact measurements, so dig up the tape and get crouching, because this is very necessary. Being completely informed on the dimensions of your home means that you’ll know how to fill and arrange it better. Sketch up a floor plan of your designated dining space to determine the best position for your sideboard or buffet. Remember that any walkways need to be kept clear and accessible. A gorgeous home is no good if you can’t actually move through it! 

Sideboard or buffet?

The only real difference between a sideboard and a buffet is the room in which they are traditionally found. Sideboards are classically found in the living room, whereas a buffet lives in the dining room. Now, it doesn’t actually matter whether you purchase a product called a “sideboard” or a “buffet”, you can put it anywhere you like! By definition, they are going to be the most functional and useful for dining, but if you want to place yours in the kitchen, living room or hallway, you are, of course, free to do so.

Determine its function

You need to determine the core function that you want your sideboard or buffet to be used for before you purchase one. You can simply use this piece for storing crockery or serving gear when it’s not in use, or just for general storage as well. However, there is also the dual function of using the surface for serving, buffet style. This is particularly great when you host guests often or for special occasions. If you’re not that fussed about serving space, you can always use the surface for a gorgeous stylistic display of plants, artwork, photographs and any other decorative pieces you might want to show off.

Formal, semi-formal, or casual?

Sideboards and buffets are traditionally rather formal, but with all the contemporary design options out there this doesn’t have to be a rule! Buffets and sideboards made out of reclaimed timber or rich wood look amazing and are easily integrated into all design styles. For a more casual look, try to opt for a smaller piece painted in a clean white, this will be less visually invasive and will leave more space in a split or open-plan space.

Think about style 

Finally, style. Look for a piece that blends seamlessly into your home! This means shopping around for sideboards and buffets in Sydney both in furniture stores and online until you find something that looks like it could already be in your house. If you’re furnishing a dining room or space from scratch this is a little easier, simply opt for the style that you like looking at best…after considering all of the above criteria first, of course.

Follow these tips and find your way to the perfect sideboard or buffet for your home.

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