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No matter how pretty a picture we try to paint of people, the sad reality is, they’re capable of doing some really bad things. Sure, they’re also capable of doing good, but unfortunately many have darker sides that often prevail. This is why it’s wise to take caution when dealing with people, and get used to not letting your guard down easily. It might not be the best decision for your social life, but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. 

There are also some security precautions that you should take once you decide to step out of your home, and these are some of them.

Be careful on foot

It goes without saying that you need to exercise sound judgment when moving on foot, generally speaking. That means no dark alleys, abandoned roads, dark warehouses, and pretty much anything you’d see in a horror movie –– if it can happen on film, it can happen in real life. If you happen to feel like you’re being followed, head immediately to a crowded place like a store, square, police station, and so on.

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Your belongings

Always keep your belongings where you can keep an eye on them. It also helps if you keep your wallet in your front pocket, not the back, because it’s easier to keep track of it like that. Then you have your bag if you usually move around with one. You can get a Laptop Backpack, which you can also use as a daily backpack, that keeps you protected from identity theft, and some even come with USB charging ports and a myriad of other options. You need a bag that can’t be easily snatched from you while walking down the street. Also, if you’re hanging the bag on one shoulder, always keep it on the side not facing the street –– some thieves on motorbikes have been known to fly by and snatch bags. 

Pepper spray

Whether you’re a woman or a man, it’s always a good idea to walk around with some pepper spray for protection. Regardless of what you think of the notion, it might actually save your life one day if you got into the wrong alley or bumped into the wrong person. It’s quite effective, easy to carry, and can be maneuvered pretty easily. 

Make a relative’s number easily accessible 

This is in case of emergencies or any problems. Let’s say you lost your phone, wallet, and any other belongings; you should always have a relative’s number close by in case something like that happens. So keep it in a piece of paper and in your pocket just in case someone found you unconscious or something. 


It always helps if you have a self-defense class or two under your belt. You don’t need to be Bruce Lee, but knowing how to react in certain situations and how to get out of certain grips can definitely come in handy. And it’s a great way to ensure your security when you’re out there in the jungle of the outdoors. 

Every city has a certain place or two that everybody knows they should avoid. They’re usually places with high crime rates or unsavory activities going on. It makes sense that you should avoid such places at all costs. Always exercise caution and assume the worst; there’s no point in going to a place like that and hoping to come out with minimal losses. So, whenever you leave your house, try to be careful and keep your eyes open in case of any unexpected problems. 

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