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Apt2b has built an impressive name for themselves in the world of home design. They’re slowly, but surely, becoming the choice for young professionals and the youth’s influencer crowd. They’ve done this through a series of viral marketing strategies, cool names, and eye catching mid-century modern design. Everything about this company seems to be geared toward the prime demographic Coachella focuses on—instagram influenced, image conscious, artsy types. Have you ever seen stock photos of Brooklyn studio apartments? That’s what Apt2b looks like. Not that this is a bad thing. The genius of this company lies in their ability to seemingly produce semi-custom pieces with trendy looks in record time. Here is an honest look at the company, some choice products, and the pros and cons of their 2019 line. 

Genius Marketing Strategy 

It would be a disservice not to start with Apt2bs business strategy in terms of marketing. Each piece is presented well and is given its own individual attention on the website. You see them work heavily with influencers with over 100 million followers. Their marketing strategy is undeniable. In the current furniture market, they’re the absolute best at it. Just check online reviews. There is a flurry of 5/5 star reviews in almost every area. You can check Reddit. You can check Yelp. There are even more Apt2B reviews at FurnitureCap and other well known furniture sites. The point is, they’re undeniable. They even take into account other niche groups they can potentially sell to. If you look at some of their lamps, there are collections with various homages to very popular science fiction TV shows like Firefly and Stranger Things. They do this subtly, and not in your face. Instead of having their faces plastered on it, they have a series of products next to each other on their site, all of them a character of a specific show. This is a prime nerd appreciation, and it has been documented on forums all over the internet. The customer conversion from that alone is tremendous. 

Solid Design

The products themselves seem to be of a fairly good quality. These aren’t pieces that are at the level of exclusive boutiques peppered around Beverly Hills, but they are of a superior quality in comparison to what you will find in a mall. The attention to detail in relation to their target market is very well curated. The materials are solid, the designs are simple, and they would fit perfectly in any living room belonging to a young successful graphic artist. The primary style they stick with is mid-century modern. This harkens back to the 1950s and 1960s without the massive bulk attached to it. It’s retro yet refreshing. 

Dedication To Local Sourcing 

Where Apt2b shines, above everybody else, is their commitment to having their products made in the United States of America. Unlike their competitors who go to Mexico and advertise as “North American Made,” Apt2b sticks to their guns of providing jobs and keeping contracts within the country they work in. This may not be important to the average buyer, but this is an absolute plus for certain demographics. You can also be sure that there is a quality that is both expected and maintained that you just can’t be sure of, if it’s made in a giant factory in the middle of China. 

Great Return/Refund Policy 

The icing on the cake for this company is it’s attentive customer service and 100 day return policy. The importance of a good return policy cannot be overstated enough. Many companies have fanciful satisfaction slogans and don’t really follow through. Apt2b clearly states in their policy that you may refuse the product upon delivery and can have it exchanged or refunded with no restocking fee. From the point of delivery, you even have another 100 days to think about the product. If you’re not satisfied, the same rules apply. No questions. No restocking fee. Refund or exchange. 

Con: Maybe A Bit Too Trendy 

The downside of Apt2b is that it’s at risk of being too trendy. In doing so, the look and feel of everything starts to blend together and the originality starts to wane. There are only so many options you can go through that fulfill the cool, slick, social media worthy couch. So to mitigate the risk of being repetitive and overdone, Apt2b needs to step up their game and introduce new ideas into the market. Everybody is mid-century modern. It’s selling. But in that same space lies more competition. Why would one spend over $4,000 on a couch when there are options half that price with similar offerings? 

All in all, Apt2b continues to be a shining star for fun and playful furniture pieces as well as sturdy heirlooms that can last a quarter of a century or more. The styles range from loud to an understated yet stay within a theme. If trendy mid-range priced furniture is what you’re looking for, this is perfect. 

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