Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus

All home security cameras have something unique to offer and Netgear always comes up with unique features. It is very important for any security camera to be user-friendly and provide ease of use. These are the main criteria for determining the true value of a home security camera and Netgear never fails with it.

The overall quality, appearance, performance, durability, and cost of all Netgear products are outstanding. And today we are going to review two such Netgear products that have advanced and valuable features. This article on Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus will help you make an accurate opinion about these two Netgear Arlo products.

Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus
Arlo Q

Features of Arlo Q

Arlo Q is basically a consumer-targeted, webcam-based security camera that has an amazing high-quality video resolution. It works without a base station and also doesn’t require batteries.


  • Amazing 1080p video quality that captures crisp, rich and bright videos even during night mode
  • Two-way audio is available that is clear and distant
  • Powerful comprehensive tools for sound and motion detection
  • Rapid speed detection
  • Free cloud plan included for 7 days or 1 gigabyte
  • Additional cloud storage can be purchased for additional support
  • Deeper and versatile scheduling that is flexible and efficient
  • Several active time slots can be scheduled
  • Continuous recording capability
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Intuitive and simple app that uses direct navigation
  • App available on all iOS, Android and Amazon FireOS
  • The App has several icons that let you play live, record video, push to talk, take snapshots and adjust audio, image size and brightness.
  • Zoom and Pan Function is very responsive and interactive
  • Web portal similar to mobile app in navigation and functionality
  • Custom modes can be created
  • Delivers the fastest email and text alerts within seconds

Issues of Arlo Q

  • The App has a single-user interface, which means you can’t share with family or friends with the same account.
  • Sound and motion detections seems to be unfiltered through server algorithms
  • Can’t differentiate between pets and people, hence causing unnecessary false alarms
  • Speakers are underpowered and audio can be indistinct sometimes
  • Only one mode can be active a time, though you can schedule several slots
Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q
Arlo Q Plus

Features of Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus is primarily a security device, but it has some very convenient options for use. It has excellent 1080p HD resolution video coverage. Night vision technology makes it excellent in performance and basic coverage.


  • Excellent video quality
  • The field view is wide enough to see 3 different walls at a time
  • Can speak with guests directly back and forth
  • User-friendly App
  • The app is available on all Android and iOS devices including PC
  • Multiple easy to use options available in the app like arming and disarming the device
  • The audio quality is clear and performs well in detecting sound
  • Live streaming also gives excellent video quality
  • Richer software
  • Zoom provides magnification up to 8 times providing fine details
  • Email or text alerts will be immediately sent within few seconds
  • High performance in sound and motion detection
  • Free cloud storage of up to 7 days or 1 gigabyte
  • Easy and quick setup process

Issues of Arlo Q Plus

  • The PC software is not so secure
  • Audio quality is indistinct sometimes
  • Transfer speed is not so good
  • Smartphone or PC should be connected to the same network to give them access
  • Individual arming and disarming of every Arlo Q Plus must be done

Should you upgrade to Arlo Q Plus?

Talking about Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus, Arlo Q has vast software options with intuitive scheduling and various custom modes. It also has versatile sound and motion detection capabilities along with excellent image quality. But Arlo Q Plus has quite a few additional features as compared the Arlo Q.

The first being the security gaps, Arlo Q Plus fills in all of the security gaps that the Arlo Q left off. Arlo Q Plus is also capable of working even with poor internet connection, with its PoE adapter and SD card slot that is built-in. It also provides a much stronger and reliable Ethernet connection.

Except for these few differences, Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q are all similar in all its features and functionalities. Both the security cameras are few of the best options available in the market. But, Arlo Q Plus is the best for business security monitoring.

Arlo Q Vs Arlo Q Plus Advantages and Disadvantages

Arlo Q
Arlo Q


HD video quality with brilliant detailing.Unfiltered server algorithms
Integrated infrared lights for excellent night visionUnnecessary false alarms
Network connection with a single cable over EthernetSingle user interface
Field view up to 130° angles for smart alertsUnderpowered speakers
Additional backup storage available 


Arlo Q Plus
Arlo Q Plus


Excellent video streaming with 1080p HD QualitySingle-user mobile app
Built-in speaker and mic for two-way audioIndistinct audio quality
Excellent night vision that captures even the smallest detailsExpensive as compared to Arlo Q
130° wide angled lens for smart alerts at the slightest movementDifficult Custom Mode Setup
USB storage available using an SD card slotExpensive subscription
Upgradable CVR (Continuous Video Recording)


Our Take on Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Plus 

Arlo Q is an excellent security camera that has great video quality and brilliant motion and sound detection. Although it is a little expensive, it gives great value for the price with its powerful features and flexibility.

While Arlo Q Plus is an effective, unpretentious and independent security camera. It’s automatic alerting system comes as an advantage. For the kind of performance and safety it offers, the price is definitely worth it.

Both the Arlo Q Plus vs Arlo Q security cameras work exactly as they are intended to and this makes it clear that Netgear Arlo is focused on making products that resonate with the customer’s needs.


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