Replacing any original material with the artificial product which doesn’t require any maintenance and care seems to be the perfect solution. Isn’t it? But does it supports the same benefits as the original one? Well, I think you all will agree with me that no artificial item can ever compare with the original one. And to make you believe, I am here with today’s article on Artificial Grass Cannot be as better as the Original One. I will give you five reasons which will make you believe that artificial turf is not the one what you are looking for.

It requires cleanliness.

Similar, to the other plastic carpets, artificial turf requires proper cleaning time. It will collect bird droppings, pieces of pet, and liquids from a human which will not lose part and regrow them like the natural plant materials. So, you will need to conduit it with water for better cleanliness.

No benefits of Plants

As the artificial turf is completely made up of plastic, it will not provide any of the benefits of a plant. So, if you have a natural thirsty loan, you will have many health benefits which you can never have with the artificial one.

Not Safe

In the typical summer season, it will get very hot. They have 20-50 degree Fahrenheit higher surface temperature than the natural grass which is similar to the temperature of asphalt pavement. The highest temperature has gone up to 200-degree Fahrenheit. Well, manufacturers are aware of it, and that is why they have started working upon it. To minimize the risk of heat-related illness, the Synthetic Turf Council has published the suggestions.

Artificial Turfs are not really soft.

Well, if you are thinking that you will get a soft material and the same comfort which you get in the natural grass, let me tell you that you are in an illusion. It can even harm you if you fall while playing because the material of artificial turf is quite hard. It will make the situation even worse if it is tangible under artificial turf.

For the better experience of sports, manufacturers are working on their design. Though it is better than before, I would still suggest you not to go for artificial turf for your kids and pets.

Replace it after a period of time.

Similar to every other product, artificial turf also needs to be replaced after a period of time. Some companies assert the life expectancy between 15 and 20 years while others may only offer for 8 years. But whatever the life expectancy any brand may offer, you would need to replace it after some time. Well, if it is properly maintained, it can work for long just like any gadget or any other product.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are some of the reasons which proves that an artificial turf is not like as it looks. So, be careful and think twice before buying it. Well, I would only suggest that nothing can be better than natural things. Well, the decision is up to you. Thank You.

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