Bar Stool Styling: Decor and Buying Guide
Bar Stool Styling: Decor and Buying Guide
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Bar stools are a great way of shaking up your floor plan and added an extra special touch to your family home. Whether you have a set that you’re slightly stumped for when it comes to styling, or you’re in the market for a couple of bar stools to bring some excitement to your home, this guide is going to be great for you. Keep reading for all the styling, decor and buying tips you need for your bar stools…

First thing’s first, you’ll want to find yourself the right bar stools! If you’ve never had a bar stool before this can be a little bit of a tricky one to navigate. Start with…

Measuring and Understanding your Space

In order to effectively fill or even just add to a space, you need to understand it’s dimensions inside and out. This means digging around for that measuring tape and getting those exact numbers noted down, right away. Understanding the space that you’re decorating means that you’ll be shopping your furniture to scale, perfecting your floor plans and keeping everything nice and cohesive. All of these things are undeniably vital to good home design. In addition to measuring up the entire room, you’ll also want to get the vertical height of where you plan on placing your stools to ensure that they’re going to fit. Measure from the floor to the base of the surface that you intend to place your bar stools with and keep that number with you at all times. This is going to make sure that you’ll be able to sit comfortably beneath your chosen surface.

Set a Budget

You’ll want to be particular with some other numbers too, your budget that is. Figuring out how much you’re willing to splash on your new bar stools will direct you towards stores and styles that you can realistically afford. Setting a budget gets you to your new furniture faster, so it’s a worthwhile step to take.

Decide on Purpose

Next, you’ll need to determine just what you’ll want your bar stools to be for. You might want to use them as a creative new spot for morning coffee or breakfast, to increase the familial comfort of your dining space or for extra seating in your living room.

Think Functions

Bar stools are not all made equal! Some have back rests which are great if you intend to use them for dinnertime or if younger kids are joining you at the table. Others come with armrests making them all the more like a comfortable traditional chair. You will also find that some stools come with adjustable height options and swivel functions, perfect for getting the most out of your purchase and for creating that relaxed, laid back vibe.

Style and Materials Go Hand in Hand

Materials really do matter! The material that your bar stools are crafted from will largely dictate the style. If you’re unsure or overwhelmed by the options out there, you really cannot go wrong with beautiful, classic reclaimed timber bar stools. You’ll find these paired with iron and metal functions creating a cool, contemporary, slightly industrial look. You might find them painted in pale neutrals and pastel tones, leaning into the classic theme of the material. Some look country, others Hamptons – there’s a whole world of options when it comes to timber. Plus, this material actually looks better as it ages, making it a future proof investment for your family and your home.

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