Basement waterproofing is not the first thing potential homeowners think about when looking or building a house. It is not something most people are keen on.

Plumbing leaks, rain and busted water pipes are some of the things that can damage a house. These leaks can seep through wall cracks and flood your house the basement is the most vulnerable place prone to water flooding. Basement waterproofing is particularly crucial because we would not want to suffer the repercussions that come about with damp and moist basements.

It does not have to necessarily be an expensive affair. There are various contractors that offer affordable waterproofing solutions. It is for you to do your research and settle on the best option.

Below are the reasons why basement waterproofing is one of the first things you should put I mind before moving into your new home.


The lists of things you can do in a well-maintained basement are endless. It is ideal for laundry, doing exercises and even for recreational purposes.

During times when you have extra visitors at your home, you could turn it into a guest room. It offers complete privacy to your guests.


Water seepage and leakages cause a lot of molds. These molds, over time, spread to the rest of the house producing a musty smell.

In a very short time, a couple of hour’s maybe, this water seepage can cause the growth of black mold. This mold is usually toxic. If left unattended, it can cause a lot of health complications. Asthma, coughs, fevers and skin allergies included.


A well-waterproofed basement ensures peace of mind. In case of extreme climatic conditions like floods and heavy snow that occur during hurricanes and winter, you will have no worries of flooding.

Another advantage to this is that the shutters placed during waterproofing will keep your windows and doors in place, preventing water from seeping into the house during floods.


When water seeps into the basement, your air conditioner will work extra to ensure normal temperatures are maintained. This is most common during warmer and wetter seasons. This, in turn, gets energy costs on a high.

Basement waterproofing prevents this water seepage thus reducing energy costs significantly.


In order to get the best value for your money, it is important to take care of your house. One way you can do this is by waterproofing your basement. This ensures your house remains in a good foundational state for a very long period of time.


Studies indicate that half of the air that circulates in the house comes from the basement. If you have not taken any appropriate measures to waterproof the basement, the air will be full of humidity and will spread to the rest of the house.

Breathing in air that has a large concentration of water particles will cause the health complications discussed earlier. It will also weaken the foundation in which the house stands on.

If you are a family-loving person and you care about the welfare of your family members and you care about the investment you made in purchasing or building that house, investing in basement waterproofing is something that will be at the top of your to-do list.



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