We can all agree that household chores take up a lot of our time and energy, both of which could be said to be more productive either in or outside of our homes. That being said, it’s not always easy to find the right combination of tools to use to ease up the pressure of completing all chores in good time. Many household appliances, tools and the like are quickly becoming redundant.

This can be better illustrated when one buys a humidifier, then a dehumidifier, then another appliance to exhaust the “extra air” in the house.  All this simply means we would all like to have appliances and/or tools that not only get the job done right- they don’t cost a fortune and definitely need minimum supervision. Modern Home Pulse seems to have a solution- or a number of them, which could help in more than one of these overwhelming areas.

Let’s begin from the inside as we work our way out, shall we?!! Great. Let’s get to mopping!!

  • Dyson’s nifty vacuum-cum-mop

A company called Dyson developed a really neat, easy to use and maneuver mop called the Dyson Hard DC57 vacuum cleaner/mop. Yep. It is exactly like it sounds. It’s a mop that kills (for lack of a better phrase) two birds with one stone. This ingenious little mop will wipe as it sucks and sanitizes your floors at the same time. This comes in really handy in areas that get messy really quickly and often, for instance, your kitchen, kids’ play area or even the living room.


It definitely saves you the trouble of having to haul your vacuum cleaner as one of your kids takes to mopping what one of your guests accidentally spilled. Other gadgets of the same family are the wireless, automatic hoovers/vacuum cleaners that sense objects around them, thus going around them yet better yet, there is a remote- controlled model known as the Rydis H67. This little fellow can be sent around the room to do both vacuum and suction chores.

  • Dream Farm’s Cooking basket

While we are still indoors, in the kitchen to be exact, how about a utensil that takes care of more than one task- when it’s needed. Dream Farm has created a veggie cooking basket that can be used to steam, strain as well as boil. Imagine that- one can use it in the pot to boil and steam then outside the pot to strain.


Cleaning up after yourself becomes extremely easy with this AND the Dyson vacuum/mop cleaner. One of the most infuriating and time-consuming tasks at home is that of doing laundry. Many households cannot afford a full-size washing machine and drier.


  • Washapart, by Buse Üstün & Fulya Pekserbes

This is a fully functioning, mini sized washing machine that sticks to your wall. Yes, you heard right. Not only is it compact, it can be attached to your wall to save on space and of course it’s affordable, decreasing expenses to the Laundromat and of course, time.

  • LEAK Electrolux Coat rack

Last but not least, remember when we mentioned humidifiers/dehumidifiers et al, well, how about REALLY going green. All of us are familiar with coat racks. Those very conspicuous items that hold up our coats and do nothing else as far as aesthetics. Well, the LEAK Electrolux Coatrack, produced by a company of the same name, not only sucks in dirty moisture from your wet coats, it dehumidifies the air, purifies it, then releases the same into the air- making for a cleaner, healthier environment.


These are but a few gadgets that although small, greatly improve one’s lifestyle through the use of intuitive technological advances that incorporate ergonomics as well as lifestyle choices and changes that make it significantly harder to perform all chores within a given time, working with day to day restrictions of time, space and money. It would interest quite a number of singles, couples and new homeowners, to check out some of these newer gadgets that can ultimately make doing chores, fun again!!


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