Comprehensive Guide in Choosing a Right Boiler for You

Out of all the things you purchase in your life, none will be as valuable as a new home. It is a person’s most prized possession, and for good reason. Having a place to call your own is fulfilling as it is reassuring, because if anything goes wrong, you’ll always have that. Perhaps the most exciting part of this step is the furnishing and designing, where you get to select your favorite pieces and where they will fit in your new place. 

While most people get too preoccupied with sofas and chairs, it is the boiler that you need to be focusing on, especially if you live in a country that has cold winters. But how exactly do you choose the right boiler for you?

What kind?

Technology has really made a huge difference in boiler technology, and there are models now that you wouldn’t even dream of, with tons of options and features. But before we get to that part, you need to decide on what kind of boiler you need in your place. A combi boiler is a sealed system that can provide heat for your water taps and the central heating system. It directly tabs into the mains and heats the water there, which rids you of the need to install a hot water storing cylinder. It’s fast, easy to install and operate, and cheaper than you average system boiler, and it also takes up less space. Its downside is the fact that it can only heat one source, adequately, at a time, so it’s not a good idea for a large household. 

System boilers on the other hand operate using hot water stored in cylinders, and they are fitted to a closed heating system. They are obviously a better options for larger homes that have a bigger demand for heating, and you get a strong hot water pressure when needed. Problem with those is the fact that they run out of hot water if used excessively. Regular boilers are similar to system ones in that they run on stored water, but they are suited for homes with open heating systems. Those are often the most expensive to install, but they have a good flow rate.


A very important factor you need to take into consideration while buying a new boiler is efficiency, which can be paramount to saving in energy costs, not to mention reducing carbon emissions. So, do a little research on the different models to find out which needs the least energy to run, which will save you money. Speaking of efficiency, as explained on Boiler Central, you don’t even need to have an engineer come inspect your home to install a new boiler. You could do this online and have the process over and done with in a few minutes, which saves you a lot of time and hassle as you’ll also have it delivered to your doorstep. 


The kind of fuel the boiler will run on is another angle you need to consider. While this is important for environmental reasons, as some kinds have a bigger and worse impact on the environment, it’s also relevant for economic ones. Fuel prices vary, and depending on your budget, you might need to plan this out for the long run. Find out what kind of fuel the boiler uses so you could learn if it is suitable for your current circumstances or not. It helps if you read predictions on future prices of certain fuels as it might affect your final decision. 

The controls

This is also one of the most elaborate ways boilers have evolved over the years. Instead of using a single thermostat, there are smart controls now that can do a host of different functions. You can set timers, adjust temperatures using smart controls, and do a lot of different things which will help you make the most out of your boiler and avoid problems like heating empty rooms. You could even control the thermostat using your smartphone as most modern boilers come with dedicated apps to help make this entire process as seamless as possible. You need to read up on what the different options are and do a little shopping until you can find a boiler with cool controls that could make your life easier. 

Buying a new boiler isn’t a decision you should take lightly, and you shouldn’t just go for the first option you find. Do a little research and read reviews on what people have to say before you can come to a final decision. 

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