Coming home to a house with a beautiful interior, especially in your living room, is both relaxing and invigorating. The living room is usually the first room you head to upon arriving. More often than not, the first thing you do is to sit down and put your feet up to relax for a couple of minutes. Either you keep your eyes closed for a while or you stare and look around your living room. With a design accustomed to your liking, you will then be invigorated and inspired to now move and cook dinner for the family, or just spend quality time with them.

Designate a Play Area

Whether you have kids or not, a play area in your living room is a great idea. If you have kids in the family, create a play corner where the kids can easily reach their toys. If you are all adults in the house, you can still build a play corner where board games are stored. You can also have a game zone with a ping-pong table as long as your living room space permits. After all, games and play are not entirely for children.

Create a Snack Nook or a Reading Nook

Apart from rest, the living room is also an area for recreation. The best way to enhance this functionality is by creating a snack nook. Set up a table with finger foods and snacks that everybody can easily reach. Surround it with stools or chairs that anyone can sit on, apart from the sofa. This is a good way to keep those crumbs off the couch. On the other hand, a reading nook will definitely be appreciated by the bookworms in the family. A cozy reading nook definitely will make your living room feel homey.

Create a Photo Wall or a Gallery Wall

The best way to personalize your living room is by creating a photo wall. It can be the area right above one of your couches. Another ideal spot would be on a sideboard. Arrange the photos in a visually engaging manner by using frames that are in coordination with your living room theme. A grid formation is also a timeless way of arraigning the photos on your wall. Conversely, you can also display a gallery of hats for instance in your bare wall. You can also use an oversized artwork and this will do the trick. This will make your living room stand out and be unique.

Choose the Perfect Sofa

If you have limited space, chances are you have a sofa bed. If you have a spacious space, tendency is you have a couple of matching couches that fill the living room area. You might even have a lazy boy, which is very convenient and comfortable during movie nights. Nonetheless, the color of your sofa can dictate the overall theme of your living room. Neutral colors usually express a minimalist design while bold colors illustrate an artistic vibe. Nonetheless, you have the freedom to have fun with the colors in your living room. You can also reupholster your sofa and incorporate a leather cover. This will definitely make a living room statement. Accentuate it with an alternate layer of soft throw pillows and comfortable rugs, perfect for cuddle weather. You can also let the throw pillows steal the show.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

It would be nice to dim your lights with just a clap of your hands or snap of your fingers. It would also be nice to control the room temperature with a remote. If your budget permits, incorporate the use of technology in your living room for your comfort and convenience.


As simple as it may seem, keeping your living room spic and span maintains a cozy atmosphere. Use shelves to neatly arrange books or décor. In the same manner, use storage boxes as necessary to free your living room space from clutter. Every once in a while, hold a garage sale and let go of the stuff that you no longer need. This will ensure that you will have room for the things that matter most.

Lighten Up

Paint your walls white to make your living room bright. Give up heavy drapes and use white flowy curtains. Open your windows to let fresh air in. Use white LED lights that are energy efficient. On the other hand, you can also opt to hang a slim crystal chandelier that can be the highlight of your living room. Light posts on both corners or your sofa or couch are also show stoppers. Nonetheless, a light and bright living room is more inviting compared to its dark counterpart. On the other hand, a darker shade can also make the living room intimate. So if you decide to paint your walls a darker shade, use lights that will accentuate the color best. For instance, a deep blue hue is best accentuated by yellow lights.

Let Your Floors Shine

Literally and figuratively, let your floors shine. Keep your floors clean and shiny at the very least, and this alone is already inviting. Wooden floors are also attractive and easy to clean. On the other hand, a carpeted floor is now outdated. More and more modern but cozy living room interiors are enhanced by rugs on the floor instead of carpets.

Maintain Cohesiveness

If the overall theme of your home is a modern and chic look, it is best if your living room blends with the theme. This way, it will be easier for you to decorate and accentuate with the same tone of the pieces all throughout the house.

In conclusion, the living room is where memories happen. Family fun and game nights are typically done in the living room. It is also the area where family guests are received and welcomed. Hence, it is just right to make it cozy, relaxing, and invigorating according to your family’s needs and preferences. It is important to design your living room to be comfortable for everyone.

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