Choosing the right furniture for your office is extremely vital in creating a productive work atmosphere. Employees will be sitting, working most of the day, and spending a large amount of their time in the office. And so, picking the right furniture or designing the office space appropriately will increase work productivity, establish a positive work environment and elevate the employee’s mood. Forget the old cubicle setup with neon lights, and in with the modernized new office design plans. Below is a guide on which desks will suit your office and your employees’ needs.

The Open Workspace

Most startup companies or companies that hire a lot of millennials aim to create a shareable and encouraging working atmosphere by creating open office space plans. The theme here would be “don’t stick to tradition” as they will rent something bigger than your typical office space with large windows for that extra sunlight and fill it with several long rectangular desks and comfortable rolled desk chairs. And hey, they might even throw a few bean bags here and there to promote a much more laid-back work mode. This office plan promotes a positive and motivational work atmosphere.  

The Corner Office Desk

A good corner desk not only looks good, is adaptable to large and small office space, but it also helps employees work more efficiently. The L shaped corner desk is a popular choice because it offers optimal storage and plenty of work surface space without fuss. If your employee requires a lot of paperwork space, the L shaped desk has a keyboard tray and CPU storage without sacrificing floor space. Leave that space under an L shaped desk for your foot rest. Even though you’re sitting down, your feet need to be relaxed as well.  The good thing about this corner desk is that it allows space in your office for other furniture like a file cabinet or a small meeting table.

The Multipurpose Desk

The U shaped desk is functional, spacious, appealing and flexible. If plenty of work surface and storage is needed, then the U shaped desk will definitely deliver.  With a front desk and the sideboard cabinet, this desk will enhance your creativity and facilitate your day better. It’s also ideal for multi-tasking and facilitating in-office meetings. It also provides plenty of storage options from the file drawer/cabinet under the desk in the space in the sideboard shelving unit. The U shaped desk is generally larger in size, so it’s best to make sure that your office space has the right dimensions for it.

The Two Person Desk

They say good things come in twos. If your office is limited in space, allowing your employees to work in pairs is another efficient way to go. Many office spaces have been opting for a two person desk, whether it’s L shaped, T shaped or side-by-side. Another advantage of the two person desk is sharing resources such as power sources and storage space. Not only will you save space and energy, you’re also creating a team-building atmosphere by allowing your employees to work together in a sharing environment.

Choosing office furniture might seem last on your list when designing your new office, but it’s actually highly important. The comfort of your employees will maximize work efficiency and create a positive working atmosphere. Working together, sharing and allowing flexibility is what makes a company unique. With the right desk, your employees would achieve greater things than you would have imagined.

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