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What is a Smart Thermostat?

Nowadays, we notice that there are changes in the climate, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your home and surroundings cool or hot according to your seasonal change by saving money. Luckily, smart thermostats have made it more comfortable to keep your surroundings neither too hot nor too cold by saving time and energy in the process. A smart thermostat helps you save on heating and cooling costs. These two items alone account for 50 percent of the average home’s energy expenses.

Smart thermostats are a smart technology that let you remotely control your home’s temperature via a tablet, smartphone or desktop for greater control over your central heating.  These thermostats represent the latest and greatest way of home heating and cooling technology. Smart thermostats are designed in such a way that it is easier to control the temperature in your home, even when you’re not there. They also have intuitive programs that allow you to customize the climate of your home depending upon your schedule and individual demands.

A smart thermostat gives you more efficient, more user-friendly and more accessible control over your home’s heating using three basic components. The first component plugs right into your boiler and can wirelessly talk to the second component. The second component is the in-home device that is the thermostat and main control. The third component is an app that is downloaded to a smartphone or electronic device like a tablet and so on. Users can remotely control the thermostat/main control device via the app, Users can also set their heating or cooling temperatures from anywhere.

Most homes use low-voltage heating systems with 24v power supplies, including gas, oil, hot water, and heat pump systems. Most 110v systems, like electric baseboard heaters, are not compatible with any smart thermostat. It’s always a safe idea to double-check what system you have before purchasing a smart thermostat. One of the most significant things to look after your thermostat is whether your thermostat requires a C-wire. Because some older HVAC systems use high voltage, they aren’t compatible with smart thermostats, as Wi-Fi thermostats require low voltage. If you purchase a smart thermostat, make sure your home has a C-wire or that the thermostat comes with an adapter. In that respect, there are several smart thermostats that are now available in the market. Here are a few of the best smart thermostats available along with their features and other details.


When it comes to smart thermostats, there is a handful to choose from, but the best ones that stand out are the Ecobee4, Ecobee 3, Nest and Honeywell Lyric Round. Each of these four smart thermostats are unique in their own way, so before we dive in and talk about the similarities and differences between them, here’s a brief overview of the Ecobee4, Ecobee 3, Nest and the Honeywell Lyric Round.

All four thermostats are priced between $130 and $300.  But price does not affect functionality. These four companies have different concepts and ideas. These thermostats adapt based on how you place it. Over time, it learns to define according to its observations. It takes around a month for this process to kick in. With further manual fine-tuning, thermostats will continue to learn, furthering the automation process.

ECOBEE 3 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 3
Ecobee 3


The smart wifi unit of the current market is the Ecobee 3. This very gadget provides you the supreme functionality and a different level of automation and comfort by reducing your work by fastening and adapting the device at a proper temperature. Obviously, this Ecobee thermostat does that work on itself, it interprets the requirement very easily and automatically performs the change in temperature with the right settings. The Ecobee3 Thermostat, can manage the temperature of the entire house using different sensors placed in different areas and rooms.


Some of the noteworthy features of the Ecobee 3 are as follows:

  • Room sensor – Ecobee Room Sensor is an add-on with the unit. With the aid of this exclusive unit, you can make use of the correct and individual information regarding the temperature and atmosphere of the each and every room. As mentioned, this unit senses various parameters of the room in which it is placed and keeps a check on the temperature of the room, the humidity present in the room as well as the ambiance of the room. And using all of these, the unit guides the thermostat to keep the correct temperature of the house as per the demand.
  • Temperature adjustment – You may face several issues while setting up the temperature of a unit. But the Ecobee 3 thermostat model makes the temperature adjustment process very simple and comfortable. So, being a user-friendly unit makes this product more demanding.
  • Follow me – With this feature, this very smart Ecobee product gets to recognize your location in the house with the help of sensors. Now, you can place the selected sensors during work and adjust the temperature of the house with the help of the average observational temperature according to your motion, for the total mansion. Or you can even select all the sensors regardless of your motion.
  • Smart Sense – The Ecobee 3 thermostat helps to keep your house at the best indoor temperature at which you are well-to-do. And this is done with the help of the information that the product provides using the Wifi to understand the weather around your house. So that it can analyze the weather conditions and make the required modifications in the indoor temperature.
  • Humidity feature – If you are having a humidifier at your place, then you may require this Ecobee thermostat to avoid any kind of frost getting built up on the windows when it is chilling outside and therefore aids in maintaining humidity inside the house.
  • Reminders and alerts features – The Ecobee designers and engineers have gained a prominent inclusion of an attribute that can provide you alerts regarding any discomfort during the performance of this thermostat or even if any of the components is not working efficiently. This facilitates you to maintain a proper eye on all your equipment and therefore you can efficiently utilize them.


Ecobee 3, has produced a distinctive product that carves out a marked sense of individuality in the relatively saturated market of wireless thermostats. Most of the wireless thermostats that you may encounter are shaped in a Hockey puck – like manner. The Ecobee3 distinguishes itself from the competition by coming in an incredibly stylish shell. The device is housed in a 3.9 black square shaped shell with rounded corners.

In terms of width, the wireless thermostat comes in under an inch thick. The device’s physical package completes itself with a 3.5-inch full-color touch display. Behind the device, a white walled plate contains 11 terminal connections for heat pumps, air handlers, cooling, heating, and accessories. Consumers who are interested in the compatibility would be interested to observe that the Ecobee3 is compatible with most 1 and 2 stage HVAC systems that are currently out in the market.


  • Remote sensors can be used to monitor temperature of multiple rooms
  • Highly energy-efficient and can save up to 25% on energy bills
  • App and web portal are easy to use and highly functional.
  • The touch screen of the thermostat is very clear and responsive.
  • The connectivity of this thermostat is very reliable.
  • The setting of this thermostat unit is highly customizable.


  • Tricky Installation
  • Some settings are difficult to set
  • The system may use a lot of power
  • This thermostat does not have light and motion sensors.


Honeywell brought its first-generation Lyric smart thermostat in 2014. That first-generation model was problematic, but Honeywell has learned from its mistakes and the second-generation Lyric is much safer. The stylish round appliance occupies a bit more wall space than the Nest, with a large glass display that has several touch-sensitive buttons, and a control wheel that revolves about its circumference.

The Lyric is compatible with a wide scope of HVAC hardware, including single- and multi-stage heating and cooling systems; heat pumps with and without auxiliary heat; geothermal and hot water heating; 24V gas fireplaces; and humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, and ventilators. The Lyric doesn’t absolutely need the presence of a C (common) wire.


This Honeywell Lyric wifi thermostat includes the most necessary features which are as follows:

  • Design Features – The design of the unit is crafted in a classic round shape with a clear polished glass surface which makes the thermostat unit more admirable and appealing. With the edgeless shape and superior finish of the Honeywell product, it has righteously secured its place in the market of advanced gadgets and into the homes of the consumers as well.
  • Motion sensing Illumination – A great feature of a thermostat is the motion-sensing illumination that turns-off the display of the thermostat when there is no one nearby the unit and turns the display on when you pass by or are within a particular radius of the unit. This saves power and hence makes the unit energy efficient and user-friendly.
  • Geofencing – A really unique and ideal feature of this smart thermostat is the geofencing feature. It helps the Honeywell thermostat to know your precise location which would in return help in switching the unit on and off.
  • Moreover, the device gets turned off as soon as you are away from your home and require no more warming your place, but as soon as you reach the house, the device gets to know your location and hence it switches itself on so that by the time you are home you get a comfortable atmosphere in the room as you desire. It manages this with the help of your smartphone’s location.
  • Notification – This Honeywell smart programmable thermostat can notify you regarding the temperature of the room and outside the house and even the climatic conditions like whether it is humid, warm or cold out there. This feature helps you to modify the temperature of the unit and make yourself more comfortable.
  • Lyric App – This Honeywell thermostat app helps in making the usage of the unit better and sophisticated so that you do not have to be there around the unit all the time to make any alterations. Not only this but with the smartphone Honeywell thermostat app, you can even keep a check on your device and command it to do something from a distant place.
  • Energy Calculator – This is the most useful feature that will help you analyze the use of energy that your thermostat does. It gives you about an hour based statistics that will provide you with a detailed knowledge of the use of energy every hour.


The Lyric thermostat is a round device, with a white interface and chrome trimmings. It has a rather small round touch pad in the center that normally displays the temperature. On top of this brand new smart thermostat, you will find a screen shaped like an arc that provides the information of the Lyric whether it is cooling or heating up. This thermostat also has a weather icon to the left, which, upon touch, will tell you the local weather.

On the right, you have the ‘Away’ button, which will allow you to set your preferences for when you are not at home. The way in which you can operate the device, meaning turning the temperature up or down is by gently turning its outer ring. As far as the design goes, the Lyric Round thermostat also comes equipped with a white plastic shield that you may choose to use or not, depending on whether you wish to cover up any holes in the wall.


  • The swing range of this Honeywell device is very precise- up to 1-degree temperature regulation is possible.
  • Another feature of Honeywell Lyric thermostat is able to detect your presence in a certain perimeter of the device.
  • The customer service provided by the brand is very appreciable.
  • It is an easy to use interface


  • It becomes quite difficult when there is no data tracking feature in this model.
  • There is no facility of control lock in this product.
  • The module does not possess any type of alert for too high or too low temperature.
  • Weak mobile map
  • Weak sensing capabilities

ECOBEE 4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 4
Ecobee 4

Ecobee 4 is the latest and more advanced version of the two models of ecobee which offers a more practical approach, relying on the sensor and on the touchscreen rather than the app. This device is one of the most expensive out of all the above-mentioned thermostats


  • Alexa voice service – Users can speak with their Ecobee4 thermostats and have them adjust the temperature, set a timer or even read the news. This thermostat is equipped with far-field voice technology that enables you to understand user instructions from across a room.
  • Home kit feature– The Home kit is huge which control everything with your cell phone, especially if you want to control smart things in your home from far away. It is provided with a touch screen which detects the local weather.
  • Room sensors – The Ecobee4 is built with room sensors to better manage cold and hot areas. This ensures comfort is delivered in all spots of a room at all times.
  • Easy to use – The Ecobee4 is designed to be very easy to use i.e. users can adjust temperatures and comfort settings from virtually anywhere through their smart devices. The device also works with Samsung and Apple Homekit and other kits as well, making it friendly for users that are loyal to other brands.
  • Highly energy efficient – Compared to other thermostats, Ecobee4 saves an average of 23% on costs per year.
  • Easy to install – The instructions are very simple to understand and implement.
  • Geofencing – Geofencing is another amazing feature of HomeKit. When you arrive or leave your home it can set different scenes and it will change the thermostat appropriately.


It has an exquisite design. Even if it has the same overall traits like the Ecobee 3, Ecobee 4has a sleeker, better design. The iconic design features a beautiful blue-line at the top which acts as a portal between you and Alexa. The Ecobee4’s design still can’t match Nest’s gorgeous iPod-inspired thermostat, but it dominates in every other category. Its touchscreen display is easy to use and fast to respond. Instead of the Nest’s predictive algorithm, the Ecobee4 relies on a remote sensor.

Complete with temperature and motion/proximity detection, the sensor makes it easier to determine if someone’s home or away. It’s also a nice accessory for tracking rooms with hot or cold spots. Visually, Ecobee 4 features a beautiful touchscreen that displays the mode, humidity level indoors, current temperature, settings, updates, and alerts. Compared to Ecobee 3, the touch screen is much more responsive and works easier.


  • Very flexible heating and cooling options
  • Displays outside temperature on the thermostat
  • Can text or email you if your house gets above/below certain temperatures and/or humidity levels.
  • You can keep statistics and create tons of reports


  • Plastic
  • Lengthy Installation process
  • Only 1 sensor in the box
  • Screen resolution


NEST Smart Thermostat

Nest Thermostat
Nest Thermostat

The product that first popularized smart thermostats still stands at the top of its field. Nest Labs introduced the first smart thermostat in 2011. The Nest Thermostat offers a compelling combination of DIY friendliness, sophisticated design, easy-to-use features, and automatic energy-saving settings. It is an expensive, top end piece of kit, loaded by tech experts, which is pleasing to the eye to boot. The Nest has the impeccable capability and design credentials that monitor your usage and activity and readjusts the temperature levels as necessary. This is where its energy saving features come into their own. Its responsiveness to changing circumstances means that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures whenever required.


  • Auto schedule – The Nest Thermostat has a pronounced feature of Auto-Scheduling. Thus the nest programmable thermostat adapts to the way of living and habits and helps in saving the energy and hence lowers the electricity bills which is a great deal to do. Within a period of a few days this smart device understands the temperature that you like and as a result, it maintains the house at that temperature after a week of observation.
  • Farsight – With this feature, the Nest unit gets to know your presence as soon as you reach into a certain radius and consequently gets the display turn on to show you the time, temperature or weather. In this way and with the help of this feature, the Nest 3rd generation thermostat saves the power and reduces the bills.
  • Check feature – This feature of the Nest smart thermostat unit is available in the Nest thermostat mobile app which helps you to keep an eye on how it works. Moreover, with the help of this feature, you can check the history of the energy consumption of the unit.
  • Home/ Away assist feature – Being a smart and programmable thermostat, the Nest thermostat unit has an admirable feature which switches off the unit when there is no one present at home. So even if you forgot to turn off the unit, it gets turned off automatically and helps you in saving energy.
  • Leaf feature – Whenever you adjust the temperature of the thermostat to change the climate of the room, you will have the display of it on the beautiful screen of the unit. In addition to this, whenever you choose the temperature that saves the energy, there will be a green leaf below the temperature display to make you aware that setting the unit at this temperature will save some power from usage.
  • Wifi feature – The Wifi feature of this thermostat helps it to get it connected to your smartphone, laptop or even to a tablet which provides you with the authority and power to control the temperature of the device remotely from any corner of the house.


Nest Thermostats are the most attractive and best built smart thermostats and they ooze out style and premium build quality. The centerpiece is the thermostat itself: a stubby, cylindrical aluminum unit with razor sharp color display. It has been at the heart of all Nest’s advertising and with good reason. The machined finish is flawless and the aluminum chassis rotates for menu navigation and manual temperature adjustment using a weighted, clicker motion that makes you want to needlessly adjust it. Moreover, with such a simple yet elegant design, this Nest Thermostat has a much simpler operation as well.

The outer metallic ring of this unit is the main operator interface with the help of which you can operate the unit and change the climate and temperature of your house. This ring can be rotated to change the setting of the device and by pressing the same towards the wall you can enter different menu lists. Adding to this, you can also go through the menu and the options to choose whichever suits you and hence can operate comfortably with the help of this simple yet clever ring.


  • Super industrial design.
  • Capable of doing the self-learning
  • Intuitive to use and setup.
  • Exceptional smart learning.
  • Excellent software support.


  • Thermostat requires a constant power connection.
  • Less granular control than Honeywell Evohome.
  • Can’t control hot water.
  • This product is expensive.
  • Offers only a 2-year


       Weight1.4 pounds1 pounds0.53 pounds1.4 pounds
Dimension4x4x0.9 inches4x1x4 inches1.2×3.3×3.3 inches4x7x7.1 inches
ColourBlackBlackStainless steelWhite and silver
Power/battery life35000 hours2 lithium metal batteriesBattery poweredAAA sized lithium batteries
ScreenTouch screenTouch screenLCD screenLCD screen




Based on our comprehensive testing, the Ecobee4 is the best overall choice in this category because its sensors let you deliver the right temperature on a room-by-room basis. It also identifies the rooms which are occupied and comes with an intuitive app, and it works with Apple’s Homekit among many other smart home systems. The 4th generation of the Ecobee smart home thermostat brings all of the things we loved about the last generation and adds Alexa to it. It’s a strong product compared to other competitors from the likes of the Nest and Honeywell. If you do not yet have a smart home thermostat, then go for the Ecobee 4, which is the best when compared to all.

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