During colder weather, it is quite hard to take a shower or bath where no heated water is available. While some people enjoy their cold showers during the summer to cool down, in colder weather it is not really a safe option because you might end up catching a cold, plus it will not be an enjoyable experience, to say the least. This calls for buying a water heater that will not only make shower time better, but will also help when washing dishes or doing other chores that require heated water. 

When choosing to buy a water heater, you can either go for one powered by natural gas or an electrically powered one. Electric water heaters are more widely spread as a source of heated water because they are safer and easier to install. The question here is which electric water heater you should buy. There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when trying to purchase your very own electric water heater.

  1. Prices

Prices for water heaters do not just fluctuate according to the number of options, and the quality of the heater, but it also depends on whether or not the electric water heater is from a well-known company that provides a year-plus warranty over the heater. The source of your heated water needs to fit within a budget so that you do not pay a lot of money over anything that would give you a lot of options but will leave you broke. Of course, if the water heater you have in mind is a bit on the expensive side, but its safety and lifetime is guaranteed, then you should go for it.

  1. Options

Nowadays, heaters are not as simple as before; there are many advanced electric water heaters that you can use to set the temperature of the water being heated to fit your needs. There are also electric water heaters that offer you settings to use during the winter time and others during the summertime so that it adjusts the water accordingly.

  1. Electricity consumption

Since you are planning to buy an electric water heater and not one that uses natural gas, then you need to consider how much electricity the heater will be consuming. This will have a great effect on your future expenses because if the heater uses a lot of electricity, your bills will get higher really fast. Getting something that heats water to the temperature you want without feeding on a ton of electricity is what you should be looking for.

  1. Speed of heating

The timespan the heater requires to heat the water heater is an important factor in deciding which one to buy. You will want to get something that heats up quite fast because you would not want to have to wait for a couple of hours for the water to heat up, thus not only wasting your time but also more electricity.

  1. Capacity

The capacity of your potential water heater is another decision-defining factor. The capacity you want to look for will depend on how often you plan on using the water heater, as well as whether or not you even have the space required to fit something of a bigger capacity in your designated heater space or not.

By taking these factors into consideration while you are shopping for a new electric heater, you will be able to easily find one that fits your requirements. The fast and the less electricity consumption the water heater you get is, the less money you will be spending in the long run. Even if you have to pay a higher cost when purchasing, it will save you a substantial amount of money off of your future electricity bills.

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