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The name Family Watchdog sounds like a family owned dog. However, it’s quite different here.

Family Watchdog is a free service which provides information on local sex offenders along with their most recent address.

This is similar to a GPS system but highlighting the offenders and the seriousness of the offense committed.

Today, we will talk about how Family Watchdog can be used effectively to keep your family safe from sexual predators.

What are the reasons for committing a sexual offense? Who is most likely to commit a sexual offense? How can you stop it?

The most common question that comes to the mind of the caretaker of the family if your location has seen many such cases in the past.

The world is not all flashy and exciting. There is also a darker part which we know and cannot do anything about it.

However, you could be cautious by using such services that are offered locally to ensure that the locality that you are in or you are about to move in is safe and secure for the family.

Google empowered map search allows you to search based on any geographical location.

For the first question, the reasons for committing a sexual offense are many.

However, the most common ones that we need to know are:

  • Anger-related – A crime of passion or anger can lead to a lot of things in your life. A common example would be a sexual assault due to a personal grudge on the woman. This is done to defile and degrade the victim as an ultimatum.
  • Power-assertive – A person with underlying feelings of inadequacy feeds their issues with respect to mastery, control, dominance, strength, intimidation, authority, and capability only to show their competency. This becomes repetitive and compulsive which leads to a lot of rapes in a short span of time.
  • Sadistic – This is anger and power combined emotion that leads to the imbalance of the person’s mental state resulting in aggression and infliction of pain provides them pleasure. These are usually calculated and planned attempts to rape the victim.
  • Gang rape – With adrenaline running through the veins, groups of young men display sexual violence to show characteristics of manhood. Sexually aggressive peers are those who perform such heinous act.

The most likely offenders are often close to the victim such as a close relative, a friend, a family doctor, or even premature teenagers fall into this category.

You need to have a close relationship with your daughter, sister or any female member of your family to let them open up to you about everything that happens inside and outside the house as a precaution.

Precautions to take

Well, this is where Family Watchdog comes in.

This website is rather not flashy or doesn’t look exciting. A simple website with a search bar and Google empowered map to keep a check geographically.

Family Watchdog provides with recent and accurate information about all the sex offenders in the search criteria. This certainly is a big precaution to help keep your loved ones safe.

This allows you to know the registered offenders and sexual predators in the locality. This also helps with public awareness and what precautions to take in order to stop these heinous acts.

Using the family watchdog site is like a walk in the park; you just need to enter the area you are looking for in the search box and it will display all the offenders.

A free service linked to the law agencies will have updated information on all registered and non-registered sexual offenders including their last known address.

You are always welcome to check the local law enforcement agencies as an additional step to ensure that the data you get using this service is accurate, which will be in almost all cases.

However, it doesn’t stop just yet. You need to keep reviewing this site on a periodic basis for any changes.

Many people think that the area with no such offense is safe, but you are not guaranteed 100% that it will remain the same going forward.

There are options for which you could search offenders:

  • Name
  • Address – street address, city/state zip code
  • School/daycare

The reason for giving school as an option is because of the law.

The law states that sex offenders are not to reside within a certain distance from schools and daycare centers.

Educators and daycare centers will keep a track of any such offenders violating the law and report to the concerned authorities.

Additionally, the map is color coded showing the seriousness of the crime committed.

The familywatchdog color codes are:

  • Red – Offense against a child
  • Yellow – Rape
  • Blue – Sexual Offense
  • Green – Other Offense

You could click on any color that you need to view, and the images and information of the offense and the offender as well.

There are quite a few alerts that you can set up using this website. Family Watchdog provides safety information about FDA alerts, Food Allergies, Product Recalls and Medicine Recalls.

Although, knowing the number of sex offenders in your area may be unsettling but it is always better to be prepared for consequences than regret later on by not doing so.

The interactive blog on their website is something to keep an eye on.

Blogs will be updated by registered users of this website, providing information which may or may not help you right away.

Keep an eye out for such information on a daily or weekly basis if possible. Safety of the family should be your top priority and you cannot pay a price for it.

Another option provided here would be the public records search. This helps provide information on all the residents and the criminals alike in a geographical area.

However, you do have first and last name search option if you have information available.

Final Thoughts

It is always better to be safe than sorry. After all, we earn for food and shelter, then why not make that shelter a secure one.

There are similar websites with such options, but Family Watchdog is vigilant in updating their data on a regular basis.

Information is power today, which is almost free in most aspects for a safe and secure lifestyle; you need to be smart to look in the right places for necessary information.

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