Finishing Your Basement

Homes that come with a basement offer homeowners the chance to enjoy even more space. Your basement might be unfinished, dark, cold, and damp, but finishing this below ground-level space isn’t too hard. A little lighting, flooring, insulation, and temperature regulation can turn a once uninhabitable basement into the best part of your house. If you want to finish your basement, you must do it the right way. Here’s how you can get started on making your basement better today.

Unfinished versus Semi-Finished Basements

A completely unfinished basement is hard to miss. There will be concrete, wooden rafters, and a cold, damp chill that just can’t be shaken. All told, unfinished basements aren’t places that you want to spend a lot of time visiting. They are generally not very comfortable and are basically used for storage purposes. Semi-finished basements are likely to have sheetrock walls and perhaps insulation. However, they still don’t look very nice and you definitely would need to make several upgrades in order to spend any time there.

Choosing a Purpose for Your Basement Space

Since you know that you want to finish your basement, you probably know precisely how you want to use it. A lot of basement finishing projects involve installing plumbing so that a bathroom can be put in. If you want to use your basement to entertain guests, then laying down carpeting can make the area warmer and more accommodating. Even if you just plan to keep a few spare boxes in your fully finished basement for now, the space should still have the potential for more. So, whether you desire a basement man-cave or you want to transform the basement into a studio style apartment, the first step is to ensure that it is properly finished.  

Getting It Just Right

There are only a couple of things you need to finish your basement the right way. First, consider how cold your unfinished basement is in the winter and how hot it feels in the summer. If revamping your HVAC system is out of the question, just make sure the basement has proper insulation and ventilation. A dehumidifier may also be needed to keep the basement from becoming too damp and humid, while a sump pump prevents basements from flooding. Choose materials that are durable, such as high traffic carpet and high-quality wood to finish your basement. Once you do it right the first time, you won’t ever have to remodel your basement.

After finishing the basement in your home, you will have an entire new level to explore, decorate, and enjoy. It can be an area of your house that you only use when you will have family over for the holidays, or it can become a new workspace that you visit daily. In any event, the basement has to be fully finished first. Work with a professional basement finishing contractor if you want a finished basement that won’t flood, has proper insulation, and meets your basic specifications. This is the only way to finish your basement if you want to enjoy your home fully.

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