There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new apartment. Once you’ve signed the lease, you are ready to make a fresh new start and put your style stamp on it to make the space your own. One of the most important rooms in your new home is the bedroom. By creating a stylish and calming space, you can have somewhere relaxing to hang out when you are not on duty. A well-ordered bedroom can even help you to sleep better.

However, the perfect sleeping space also has to be practical. It is no good having a gorgeously decorated room if there is nowhere to store your belongings. Otherwise, you will find it hard to keep your room neat and organized. Everyone knows the obvious furniture items you need for a bedroom like a bed and night stand. However, there are some less obvious essential furniture items which you should consider.

A Dressing Table

If you’ve got a large room, a dressing table can make an elegant addition to your decor. Dressing tables with mirrors help to reflect light around your room, giving a feeling of airiness even if natural light is scarce. However, they’re also very practical. It is far easier to get yourself looking polished and presentable in the morning if you have a dedicated space to get ready in. Try to pick one with plenty of drawers to keep make-up, hair products and other loose items organized. It is also important to make sure that the dressing table you choose has enough room to store larger items like your hair dryer or flat iron, as these can make surfaces look cluttered.

A Storage Furniture

 If you want your space to be calming, it is really important to have plenty of storage to keep clutter out of sight. Of course, you will need a wardrobe and chest of drawers as a bare minimum to keep your clothes in. However, there are lots of ways you can incorporate extra storage into your room by using clever furniture, even if your space is very small. Here are some of the tips:

  • Buy a bed with storage space under the mattress or drawers
  • Choose a pouffe or ottoman which doubles as a storage box
  • Use vertical space by installing shelving on the walls

A Desk

It is generally best to keep the work out of your bedroom if you want to sleep well. However, there are lots of situations where it’s unavoidable, for example, if you live in a studio apartment or in a house share where the bedroom is the only space that’s exclusively yours. If this is the case for you, it is best to have a desk to work on so that your bed is kept just for sleep.

Unless your bedroom is enormous, you’ll want this to be as space-saving as possible. You can buy very compact desk or even models which fold up against the wall when not in use. Built-in drawers make it easier to store away your papers and other bits and pieces so your work isn’t constantly staring you in the face.

An Armchair

 While not strictly an essential, a comfortable easy chair is a lovely item to have in your bedroom. It adds a touch of luxury and gives you a place to relax and watch TV or read. Of course, you could do this in your bed. However, it is known that keeping your bed just for sleeping is better for getting a good night’s sleep, and could be especially helpful if you find nodding off at night difficult. Be careful not to fall into the age-old trap of flinging your clothes on the chair at the end of the day. Otherwise, your cozy reading spot will soon become an eyesore.

A Linen Hamper

Many people forget their bed linen when they are planning storage in their bedroom. However, linen is bulky and requires its own dedicated storage area if you don’t want it swallowing up your wardrobe space. An elegant linen hamper solves this problem perfectly. You can buy upholstered versions to make it work double-time as a seating solution.

Hopefully, you now know all the unexpected pieces that will really make your bedroom scheme come together. By thinking beyond the obvious, you can optimize storage and keep messes out of sight. Picking items of furniture which perform more than one function is an especially handy trick if, like so many people, you live in a small apartment and space is in short supply.

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