There are many factors that make a space look comfortable and beautiful. The lighting, colors, and decorations make the atmosphere look much more pleasant. It can make a person feel protected, calm and relaxed.


But just as these things influence our brain, there is a group of objects that have a much greater positive impact. Do you know what is missing from our little list? The furniture. Believe it or not, they influence much more in the room they occupy.


A Good Piece Of Furniture Modifies Your Room And Your Mind


Surrounding ourselves with pleasant furniture can cause us to develop a great emotional meaning towards them because they give us a sense of well-being. Either because they bring us good moments or they provide comfort or inspire us. Either way, the emotional attachment is timeless and elegant.


A pleasant atmosphere (no matter if it’s at home or in the office) makes our brain release hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel comfortable and happy. At the same time, it frees us of stress and improves our level of concentration. This makes us more productive and effective by working in a functional, comfortable and well-decorated room.


Better Furniture Creates Rich Environments, And These Create More Neurons


Multiple investigations have shown that stimulus-rich atmospheres favor the generation of neuronal connections. It is not enough to place decorations around the room. It’s about what gives you comfort and what you really use, which is the furniture. Furniture like those of VEGA Direct, visually feed your brain and keep it young and agile.


This is because they are very stimulating and do not leave aside comfort. If you feel comfortable with the ones you already own, you can always try to change them or play with the decorations to make them look a little different. This way, you will be able to increase the level of neuronal connections.


The Height Of The Roof Is Key To A Healthy Atmosphere


It is true that high ceilings condition the response of the brain. A space that looks much wider opens the way to free imagination, which favors creativity. But too high space can be overwhelming if it is empty.


Instead of filling it with pictures and photographs, you can be a little bit more creative and try to place a piece of furniture that is much more functional. A shelf can be the piece of furniture you’re looking for in this case. This is because it allows you to play with the height of the ceiling and use a little space that you probably did not count on before.


Your Friends And Family Will Be Attracted By The Cozy Atmosphere Of Your Home


No matter the size of the room they are in, the ambience will always have a long-lasting effect on them. While using comfortable, pleasant and functional furniture, your guests will want to stay there for hours. Open your doors and let your guests come in and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in which they share good times.


Social stimuli favor the creation of new memories, and help to remember previous experiences. This means that the brain remains active and decreases the possible appearance of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The furniture can give you health and longevity! Having the furniture indicated and moving them from time to time serves as an exercise for a healthy and fit mind.


Natural Furniture Reduces The Level Of Stress


It is no secret to anyone that the natural elements within a room produces a generalized state of well-being. Plants, flowers and other natural elements emanate a positive energy that fills us with peace and tranquility. It will sound a little crazy, but the same happens with furniture. Those that are manufactured with natural materials such as wood, bamboo or vegetable fibers tend to reduce stress.


They also favor concentration, productivity and learning. Try changing that plastic furniture to furniture made of organic material. And in just weeks, you will be able to feel the difference and understand personally what we are talking about.


An Orderly Room Belongs To An Ordained Person


The room you occupy reflects just how you are inside. If you are one of those people who, due to lack of space or excess of useless objects, have their space made a disaster; your mind will be the same.


When you see yourself wrapped up in a disorderly atmosphere, you generate confusion and mental obstacles. Then you get stuck and cannot focus either comfortably or effectively, which will generate stress. Calm yourself, get more functional furniture where you can have everything stored and look good. Achieving a clean, harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, you will make your ideas flow much better.


Curved Furniture Generates More Tranquility And Comfort


When we find ourselves in rooms with pointed forms and acute angles on all sides (as in columns or tables), our brain activates a warning signal. That makes us feel tenser and more uncomfortable. However, even in a room with pointed shapes, we can counteract this perception by adding furniture with curved or rounded shapes.


In addition to creating a visual balance, they give you a sense of calm and tranquility. And in general, they are usually safer because they do not have sharp corners. These types of furniture are also ideas for the rooms of children or infants because they avoid minor injuries or bruises that can be caused by the angle of certain furniture.


Ideal Furniture Creates An Effective Personal Work Environment


Many people question it, but the truth is that furniture can change the way people interact in a room. In many offices, for being the most affordable example, workers do not have the ideal furniture for the work they do. Uncomfortable chairs or very high or very low tables, generate physical wear to the workers.

As a consequence, that causes a decline in productivity. It has been proven that offices that have more comfortable furniture, besides being more productive, have more happy workers, more bearable and proactive treatment.


And regardless of whether each one does a particular job, or if they work collectively, most of them get along well with each other. Why not introduce mood-raising furniture ideas in your room and see a transformation in the staff morale and cohesiveness?


Evidently, furniture has a great impact on, not only the occupants or users of a room, but also on those who visit you from time to time. The impact is felt even deeper when you select the most appropriate furniture and place them in the right places.


Whether you have been struggling with your mood, morale or just seem to be disoriented whenever you step into your house or place of work, all that can be a thing of the past if you leverage some of the great furniture ideas we have discussed here.


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