Furniture Purchasing Tips

Buying furniture for your new home is exciting, but a little planning can go a long way in your shopping process. Your furniture might last you years, and it is meant to leave a good impression on your guests, and make you feel at home. Most homeowners aim for furniture pieces that are unique and stylish, yet functional and practical. 

Whether you are a fan of minimalism or classic décor, you might already be aware of how tricky furniture shopping can be. If you are moving to a new house or you are merely going for some interior upgrade, furniture shopping can be a real hassle and overwhelming when you are not prepared. 

Luckily for you, we have curated a few tips on purchasing furniture items that will leave you with zero stress. 

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is essential to anything you are planning on buying. If you live in America, then you already know most furniture ranges in prices and bigger pieces tend to cost more than smaller ones; you need to be aware of what you can afford. But don’t fret, as the people behind Furniture of America points out, you would not want to buy an expensive piece just to brighten up a room, as a simple yet functional piece will always be a better choice. Keep in mind, different dining sets and bedroom sets normally tend to cost a bit more than sofas or chairs, which is why a list of your needed items will help you narrow down your options. Creating a budget for yourself will also help you find the best values and qualities within your prices.

So, when you are browsing the internet for furniture websites, you can easily set your mind on very specific items that suit your price list without being overwhelmed with all the options. This way, you will be avoiding getting wrapped up in finding the best items out there by basing your research on the price.

Create a Pinterest Board 

Pinterest always feels like an alternative world filled with stylish ideas, and it inspires most of us to get out there and buy the things we love. For some inspiration, dedicate a day to some Pinterest surfing, find the items you like and save them to your “home” board on your account. 

Make sure most items are matching and following one theme or idea, and ensure that you actually pin posts you like and not just random pictures that might not be affordable nor useful to you. Reviewing your board every now and then during your shopping process will help you a great deal. 

Evaluate and Measure Your Space 

Most rooms look bigger when they are empty, so it is essential that you evaluate your space properly to avoid having cramped furniture. Measure your room properly to figure out how your items will fit within the area. Afterwards, create a list of what you will be needing and the essentials in your room. 

To get a more accurate vision of furniture placement, get the help of a designer or friend and have them create a computer graph. You always do so on your own by taking pictures on your phone and using creative apps to insert furniture pieces. With the new trend of minimalism, try to avoid having too many furniture pieces in your room and other decorations to create an illusion of wider spaces. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle will greatly affect the kind of items you should be looking for in your new home. If you happen to have pets or kids, then you might want to let go of the idea of having an expensive leather sofa in your home and opt for easy-to-clean fabrics and more sturdy seats. Figure out how you use your furniture and how often you and your family use it. 

Also, remember that your choice of colors will reflect your lifestyle. Having kids and pets means a no-no for light colors and gives you the chance to go for darker tones. Fortunately, the market is booming with durable furniture these days, so you have got nothing to worry about.

Get to Know Your Taste and Style

You will first get to know your taste through Pinterest boards, since the choices you’ll be pinning will reflect your personality and style. However, that is not always enough, since such websites tend to have overwhelming options that will leave you wondering which ones you like the most. To know what you really like, you can take random store visits on weekends and see what catches your eye more. Keep in mind that properly arranged furniture that is random and artsy is now more trendy than matching colors and pieces. So, yes, mixing and matching won’t be a big deal. 

The current basic styles include the traditional and vintage, contemporary, country and minimal. The traditional and vintage style is based on antiques, mahogany items and pieces that are relatively old and unique, while the contemporary one is known for its bold colors, metal and glass items. Country designs are usually filled with wood and soft cushions, whereas minimal designs are all about the necessities and the idea of letting go of whatever you do not need. Minimalists usually go for either all black or all white tones. The most popular options in the market are the contemporary and minimal options. 

Know All About Deliveries, Warranties and Return Policies

Before you rush into buying an item in the store or online, you will need to make sure everything is clear when it comes to delivery, warranties and return policies. All online stores are making these points clear, but you will need to ask an offline store on these points. Know all the details before you make the purchase to avoid getting yourself into hassles. 

Ask your store if delivering will cover unboxing and putting items together or not. For warranties, ask if fabric repair is an option or if stains only are covered. Remember to speak to the person in the store about their return policy as well to ensure you are informed.  

You don’t always have to wear yourself out when you are shopping for a new home. When your mind is set on certain items and you know exactly what you love, the process of furniture shopping is bound to feel fun and thrilling. Make use of these tips next time you’re on the lookout for furniture and keep yourself on track!

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