As its name suggests, it is a typically smaller and portable version of our traditional vacuum cleaners. The best part is that it is very easy to use and can clean up places that a normal vacuum cleaner cannot do. Therefore, just because of its size and so many features it is commonly known as one the best dustbuster. Therefore, even when everything is clean in your house, this dustbuster is absolutely worth having it, as we all know that most of the dust in our house is a way too small to see. There are many options available in the market. So, choose the best cordless handheld vacuum for your home. For more options, you can also view source site. Use them to make your home smell amazing, and get rid of carpet dents.

All vacuum cleaners are easily available in different colours and sizes. They all have a common structure and provide many benefits to their users. This tool is basically built with a powerful motor that allows the unit to suck all the unwanted elements in the different surfaces. Once you start using it, you will certainly notice the big difference in results when you use a vacuum cleaner rather than doing all the cleaning tasks manually. Frankly speaking, it is probably one of the most used appliances in every house.

Further, all Handheld vacuum cleaners offer extra convenience and portability, which allows you to clean any area of your home very quickly and effortlessly.

So, below I have listed out some benefits of handheld vacuum cleaners that can help you to get your cleaning work done faster:

They are light in weight

One of the best things about handheld vacuums which help in faster cleaning is that they are very light in weight. Some of its models weigh even less than five pounds. This makes it easy to carry the unit all around the house for some quick on-the-spot vacuuming, as well as carrying them up to the stairs with less risk of a falling. On top of all that, you can even put your toddlers to work with one of these.

They are portable

Its portability makes them mobile and easy to take to any part of the home. You can even take it outside from your home. The best part is that most of them do not come with cords; therefore, you don’t have to constantly plug them in, and pull them out.

Easy to maintain

Another best part about them is that they are very easy to maintain. Many models are bag less, so that you don’t have to buy any extra equipment or stockpile bags to keep them. You can simply dump the contents in your trash and you are ready to clean the next mess. Further, its filters can be changed easily and therefore, parts seldom need cleaning or repair.

Get rid of fleas

Amazed to hear that? Recently, one study found that using your handheld vacuum cleaner to kill fleas is just as effective. For this experiment, researchers planted 100 adult cat fleas into a tightly woven, kitchen carpet. Now with these handheld vacuum cleaners the carpet killed an average 96 percent of the fleas. So, go ahead and try this.


This one is my favourite! You know those bits of food that collect under the kitchen appliances irritate a lot, but no worries now. So, instead of taking everything apart and trying to pick each-and-every mini debris with a paper towel, you can just use this tool and vacuum up all the mess. Just make sure one thing that whatever appliance you are cleaning has cooled down first.

Easy to empty

Another best feature of handheld vacuums which makes your cleaning faster is that it is very easy to empty them. Most of them have removable or easily emptied dirt cups. Just dump the dirt at the push of a button.This will be life saviour for those who suffer from dust allergies because the dust does not get swept right into the air, which usually happens when you try to clean vacuums with clogged dust bags.

They are versatile

Any handheld vacuum cleaner can get this work done, but there are so many benefits associated with the units that come with plenty of attachments and accessories to make your work faster.So, if you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner with plenty of attachments and you will be able to easily clean virtually every space in your home.


Further, it’s narrow-ended crevice tool even goes between your couch cushions, blinds and the seats of your car. It also comes with a soft-tip brush tool with an extension tube that can dust baseboards, blinds and even those pesky cobwebs in the corners.

It can even impact your cleaning habits

Another best part about this device is that with all its features, it can improve your cleaning habits. Usually, most people don’t like cleaning their house because they associate it to the feeling of having to lug around a bulky and heavy machine and a time-consuming activity. But with handheld vacuums you will not face all these problems and this will motivate you to clean your house.

They are powerful

It would be very natural to think that due to their small size and light-weight, that handheld vacuums are not very powerful. But, let me tell you that this is not true at all. Its overall power will vary from unit to unit and brand to brand, but there is a huge variety of handheld vacuums easily available in markets and even on online shopping sites. As long as you do your homework before buying a vacuum, you shouldn’t be disappointed with the amount of power that comes along with its purchase. But keep in mind that your vacuum runs on at least 4 amps so it can easily pick up all your mess.


So, to sum everything up, handheld vacuums are excellent for quick and efficient cleaning and therefore, they are the perfect cleaning tools for all types of homes.

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