If you are in need of a generator, but are still unsure which model and type to pick; then you need to know the types of features which are new to generators so that you can find the right generator for you. A generator is basically used to provide you with energy in case there is a power outage, your car has stalled, or you want to supply power to a machine without having to plug it into an electrical outlet. Each type of generator has its own uses and advantages that make it perfect for its specific purpose.

1-    Quiet

Generators, especially ones that are meant to sustain you with large amounts of energy for a long amount of time can be quite loud. If you are looking for a super quiet generator, you should try to avoid ones that are larger in size. The larger a generator is, the more noise it will be created. If you are in need of a very big generator to supply you with the power you need, then you might have to set up a shed so that the noise does not become bothersome. Luckily, nowadays, a new feature that generators have is significantly lower noise levels.

2-   Indicators

Before now, if you had a generator that requires oil, you would have had to keep track of the oil level which caused a hassle because most generators did not have indicators. If you forgot to keep track of your oil levels, the generator’s engine would have gotten ruined, resulting in the need for a new generator. A new feature that some generators have today is the range of indicators they have to measure all kinds of important factors and alert you in case of a decrease or increase of levels. Generators also have indicators to show when your energy supply is close to being finished so that you are aware of potential power loss.

3-   Portability

There are many generators that boast of being portable. In reality, most generators are very heavy due to the amount of machinery inside it. What makes a generator portable is the fact that they could come with wheels to move the generator around when you need to. Having this feature is great, but make sure that the wheels are added onto the generator and are not bought as an add-on with more money.

4-   Safety features

Safety features are very important to have in a generator. In generators that use natural gas or fuel, your generator will have to have safety measure, including a switch to block off the gas. Indicators that show you whether there is a leak, as well as alerts when the generator is beginning to overheat or needs to be shut off.

5-   Different energy sources

A feature that is wonderful to have in your generator is having different sources of energy. This will ensure that even if one source is finite or unavailable, you can still use your generator to supply you with power. New generators now have sources such as solar energy, turbo as well as energy made by burning of some kind of fuel. Alternative energy sources for your generators will not just save you from facing the problem of sources being unavailable, but it will also provide you with a more environmentally-friendly way for your generator to work.

Generate energy for a longer time

Making sure that your generator has as many features as possible from the ones mentioned above will give you the ability to have a greater supply of energy for a longer time than before.  Just remember that safety measures are a necessary feature to have in your generator so that no one gets hurt.

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