Office chairs aren’t all the same, and the huge range available to us makes research important. Not all chairs offer adequate support, and if you have a desk-bound job with back ache, you need to make a change to an ergonomic chair.

In the world of best ergonomic office chairs, Herman Miller and Steelcase are the two undisputed leaders. The question is, which of the two office chairs is the best? What makes one office chair more beneficial than the other?

Here’s a look at these top ranked office chairs and what they offer.

Both Steelcase and Herman Miller make Exceptional Office Chairs

What one person finds comfortable may be quite different to someone else. Nonetheless the best American furniture chair companies – Herman Miller and Steelcase – are known for making exceptionally comfortable, quality products which have been designed and built to stringent requirements.

Herman Miller – Embody Chair

Body shape and body size come into play, and both companies have chairs which cater for male and female, tall and short, small and large. Herman Miller and Steelcase are both high-end brands known for producing the best ergonomic office chairs.

Herman Miller has worked with extraordinary designers. Their Embody Chair calms you down when you sit in it, and the chair completely shapes to your body. When you move, you actually feel the seat adjust to every move you make.

Then again the Steelcase Leap is a very popular chair too. With in-depth research on how your back is seriously and negatively impacted from hours of sitting, the Leap chair was designed in 1999. A significant feature of the Leap, after this research, was their ‘LiveBack’ system. This is where the seat and back of the chair each adjust on their own, providing total support.


The high-tech Herman Miller Embody Chair is known for its amazing comfort, being highly adjustable to suit different body shapes and weight. It caters for weights up to 300 pounds and was designed with the input of 20 physicians and PhDs specializing in ergonomics.

The Embody’s backrest is made with dynamic matrix of pixels to automatically adjust to the user’s movements. The Leap chair however, is not to be outdone, and its adjustable upper back force for instance allows you to go from an upright position to a reclined position with ease. You can also lock the Leap’s back into different positions. With the chair’s natural glide system, the seat’s depth also adjusts as you recline, so you feel utterly comfy and supported.


The Herman Miller Embody Chair is fully adjustable. In fact it is described as a one-size-fits-all chair because it suits petite to large people. It can be adjusted according to your comfort levels and allow you to maintain good posture when sitting long hours at the computer.

You can raise the chair or lower it, alter the seat depth and sit upright or in a reclining position. In fact the tilt limiter lever allows you to determine the maximum angle of recline, meaning you can lean back as far as you want or sit completely upright. Changing positions makes the backrest ‘notice’ your moves and it supports you, whether you’re leaning forward or reclining. The Herman Miller Embody doesn’t have a headrest.

The Steelcase Leap chair also has ergonomic features to ensure the back is fully supported. It has upper and lower back controls, and the ergonomically-shaped armrests adjust up and down and also back and forth, making it ideal for anyone with different tasks to contend with throughout the day. Unlike the Herman Miller Embody, the chair has an adjustable headrest that moves up and down for your comfort.


Steelcase Leap



It goes without saying that a good-looking chair isn’t going to cut it when you’re looking for a chair to ease your discomfort and back-pain. Herman Miller knows however, that for many, an attractive chairs goes a long way to make you feel optimistic and good in your workspace. Their Embody chair epitomizes luxury and comfort and in trendy blues, greens or black, it is guaranteed to bring some stylish color into any workplace.

The Leap chair is attractively simple and is described as less showy and more functional. One brilliant idea of theirs is to label all their levers and buttons. No rocket science with this chair, as users know precisely where to look to control the chair for their comfort.

Leap too is careful to select materials that are carefully assessed and deemed safe for human- and environmental health. Their fabrics are available in many trendy colors too to suit all décor styles. Both Herman Miller and Steelcase are doing their part for saving the planet and striving for sustainability goals by making use of recycled materials for their chairs.


Herman Miller and Steelcase are huge, leading names in the office furniture industry, and because they both have a devoted following in terms of ardent fans, they are forever battling it out to be number one.

They’re both expensive, but when you look at the two, there’s nothing much between them. They’re both great manufacturers who have done an enormous amount of research to ensure ergonomic chairs which are BIFMA certified. This means that consumers get quality furniture because of the standards laid by BIFMA – the products used- and the methods of production conform to standards in terms of health and social responsibility.

Both chairs also have the 5-legged, star-shaped, rolling system to ensure you never have to worry about tipping over while sitting.

Overall I would say the Embody Chair has a slight edge over the Steelcase Leap. Here are some recent accolades:

  • “Most comfortable chair we’ve sat on” – Gizmodo
  • “Best ergonomic office chair of 2018” – Ergonomic Trends

With these popular adjustable, ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller and Steelcase you can change the way you work and make a positive change towards the way you deal with with discomfort and pain.


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