Can Home Automation Really Save Energy or is it too many gadgets?

There is a lot of usage of the gadgets in every field including home automation systems that have the capability to run on all your energy savings devices. The smart gadgets, lights and air-conditioning, solar power for homes are included in this. In general, when you have these many things together, it helps in saving a lot of money in the long run in maintaining a house.

There is an article published by Energy Matters where it stated that the new smart home solutions will play an increasing role in increasing energy savings.

As per the article, the latest gadgets can play a vital role in increasing the energy savings in the long run. What kind of gadgets can be expected here? Talking about the leading smart home automation hub device for its mainstream customers, Wink is bringing Wink Hub 2, a latest version soon.

In other news,, Inc has acquired Blink, a wireless security camera startup. This deal increases the share of Amazon in the highly competitive connected home devices market.

The terms and conditions of the deal aren’t still disclosed, though. Blink said in a statement that it is going to operate as part of Amazon and do the business as it already does.

Blink, founded in 2014, is a venture-capital backed startup which makes home security cameras. Apart from cameras, the company also produces a low-cost video doorbell which allows homeowners to see a live feed of who is at their door. This happens when the home owner takes a look at their smartphones. The products that Blink makes are operated by a battery and are totally wire-free, which makes them relatively easy to set up and maintain with the products that are already available in the market.

Amazon isn’t doing very well in the industry of home automation and is variably underperformed in the industry where it belongs to on a year-to-date basis. There are a few other fields as well where Amazon has stepped into and is doing really well, Amazon Prime Video for example. There are other alternatives for Amazon that are totally free like Showbox. The download of Showbox can’t be done directly and hence we have to download it via apk. Showbox apk helps in downloading it on both mobile PC.

This deal is going to help the company to expand in the connected home devices market. Amazon entered into this business with Echo devices, which were released in the year 2014. The efforts of the company since then to maintain its supremacy in the home automation genre are not going very well.

And recently, Amazon has expanded its connected home lineup with Cloud Cam, which is a security camera that allows Amazon’s delivery workers enter homes to drop off packages when homeowners are away.

Is it too many gadgets?

There is a bewildering array of the gadgets into the market right now in the field of home automation. The key here is to integrate them and then make them easy to use. There is a network called The Internet of Things (IoT) which is a network of physical devices, appliances, vehicles and other items that are embedded with electronics and software. In this network, they all can exchange the data.

But this is not a usage of too many gadgets and this is more like a market where the companies are competing each other making the world a better place with better devices.


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