Stairs wear out over time. Constant foot traffic makes them vulnerable to scuffs and scratches. Adding a carpet runner or completely upholstering the stairs is the best way to give them an instant makeover.

However, not all carpets for stairs are created equal. Before settling on a covering for your stairway, consider these things.

Amount of wear and tear

The carpets you put on your floor are much different from carpets for stairs. Durability is very important. You need a fabric that can withstand people and pets running up and down it on the daily. Go with the highest grade that is within your budget. The more you invest now, the longer your newly carpeted stairs will last.

One option to consider is a Kersaint Cobb stair runner. They make runners in some of the toughest fabrics on the market, including sisal. With a width of 69cm, Kersaint Cobb runners fit most staircases.

The thickness of the Fabric

Contrary to popular belief, thicker is not always better when it comes to selecting new carpet for your stairs. Some fabrics with thinner profiles are actually better suited for this. If the rug is too thick, it may become a safety hazard. You don’t want to fall down because you selected a plush stairs carpet.

Most major brands sell low-profile stair carpets. If you want something that really stands out, look for an option from the Quirky B Liberty line. These floral designs are sure to become a conversation starter from every guest you accommodate.

Dirt resistant

You don’t want to have to scrub out spots and stains from your carpet constantly. The oils from your feet may leave spots on the carpet. Muddy paws from the dog may even leave behind unwanted stains. Since you cannot stop every dirty footprint, you need to find a fabric that is highly soil resistant.

A wool carpet from Brintons Padstow will help repel stains. Wool is also relatively easy to clean and maintain. Choose a colour and pattern that matches the décor of your home. If you want something that will hide any dirt, consider darker fabrics. A deep grey or blue carpet from Stratford Arena may be the best option. You can even match the rug in the adjacent hallway.

Look for a warranty

Many homeowners don’t realize that some carpets for stairs come with a manufacturer warranty. Having a guarantee will give you peace of mind after your new carpet is installed. Since not all fabrics are designed specifically for stairs, make sure your staircase will be covered by the warranty.

The Mohawk SmartStrand collection is a prime example of a carpet that comes with a warranty. Other makers also stand behind their products. When shopping around, always inquire about any claims or guarantees. See if you can take a sample home with you.

If you want to get the best carpet for your staircase, take enough time to browse several different makes, colours, and styles. The right carpet fabric is waiting for you.

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