How to choose a real estate agent when buying

With so many real estate agents around, it can be difficult to know which one you should use to sell your home. Here is a guide to help you recognize what you need to look for and how to choose the right real estate agent for you.

Great Strategy

One of the top 5 real estate agent concerns people have is making sure they offer value for money. A great marketing strategy will sell your home. An agent who does very little for their money will not. A good real estate agent will be clear and concise about what you will get for your money and how they will sell your home quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best strategy may not be the cheapest, but it is worth bearing in mind that you will get what you pay for.

Good Contacts

A good agent will have good contacts. They will have an idea of who might buy your home as soon as you hire them, and they will be able to get the ball rolling straight away. Ask them what organizations they are a member of. Some of the best business is done on the golf course or at the rotary club and having good links to the local community will also help a lot.

Local Knowledge

Although there is a trend towards online realtors at the moment, you really can’t beat someone who has good local knowledge when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers may want to know what the local transport links are like or how good the local schools are as these issues will be important factors for them. A real estate agent who knows the area and can answer questions like this with confidence is more likely to sell your home quickly.


As with any business, reputation is important to a real estate agent. It is easy to find out how good an agent is by asking for recommendations from friends and family or reaching out to the local community. Ask the agent how many similar properties they have sold recently in your area and how near to the asking price did they sell them for. You can check the information for yourself online too. Using the agent with the best reputation in town will often be your best option.

Listening Skills

All sales agents can talk but, can they listen? This is the most important part of the communication process as listening will help them find the right house for a buyer quickly and easily and they will know who will want to view the property. It is also important that they listen to you when negotiating the best price for you. If an agent would rather talk than listen, it might be better to go elsewhere.

Follow these tips and you will find the best agent to sell your home and get you moving quickly with the minimum of hassle.

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