How to Improve Recycling in Your Office

Today’s business owner isn’t just focused on profits; instead, they are taking on the whole responsibility of owning their own company and what kind of environmental footprint they are leaving. This means making more environmentally conscious decisions than ever before and making those big and small changes in the workplace which encourage a greener way of doing things.

If you have made the effort to get a recycling program started in the office but you have found that it’s not being used and embraced in the way you had hoped, it may be time to make some changes. Here are a few ways you can improve recycling in your office.

Look Into Single-Stream Recycling

For some offices, it’s not a matter of setting out the recycling bins and encouraging employees to take part in the program. Instead, it comes down to convenience and dispelling some of the confusion. If you have a handful of bins which require employees to sort their materials each time they dispose of items, your volume of recycling may not be as high as you would hope. If this is the case, you might want to check out more convenient solutions such as single-stream recycling. Single-stream recycling means all recycling can go into one bin, so there is no need to sort items in the office. A good example is this single-stream recycling from Waste Away Systems.

Staff Training Will Be Necessary

Then there is the training and knowledge aspect. You can’t just instill a program and expect everyone to use it and understand it without some training. Creating company-wide awareness in the recycling program and essentially hyping it up and making it an exciting initiative can do wonders.

Try to make training sessions engaging and fun so that it’s not just another meeting where half the employees have zoned out. Instead, you can spark up a conversation, get their input, make it immersive, set some goals and get everyone excited to recycle and do their part.

Encourage Upcycling in the Office

Upcycling is another way to improve your recycling efforts by generating less waste. Just because an item is of no use to one person, doesn’t mean that is the case for the next person. Set up a spot in the office where staff can place items that they can’t use or don’t want to allow others to sort through and see if there’s anything they can use. Even a small storage area would do the trick.

Are You Collecting as Much as You Can?

The final tip is to look into the rules in the municipality where your workplace resides and ensure that you are collecting and recycling all that is allowed. There may be some items you weren’t aware of which could be recycled, and this would allow you to increase your volume.

As you can see from these tips, there are plenty of ways you can make improvements to the recycling program and the quest to be more environmentally conscious. Even small changes are still beneficial and they can lead to bigger improvements down the road.

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