The bathroom sink is not the most glamorous part of your bathroom; however, selecting the right vanity for your bathroom can make or break the design of your bathroom. For instance, if it uses mismatched or poor materials or place awkwardly in a traffic route or it has limited storage, then the whole bathroom will suffer.

Whether you are replacing the bathroom vanity or remodeling your bathroom, there are several crucial factors that go into choosing the right size sink for your bathroom vanity. As much as you’d like the process of selecting the right sink to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, it requires careful consideration – that’s from the utility to the looks.

The following are tips that will guide you in choosing the right size for your bathroom vanity.

1. The bathroom size

It is the primary factor that will influence any decision you make. For instance, if you have a rather small bathroom, you’ll be forced into picking a narrow single-sink vanity. Such a decision is right for the half-baths, as the spaces they don’t require a lot of storage for cosmetic and hygiene products.

You should not worry about the limited space you have, as you can still have a compact, single-sink vanity in a gorgeous white finish. On top of that, you can get a unique cabinet style which only has three drawers that can fit your small bathroom.

2. How many people will use the bathroom?

A one-sink vanity is the common design for most bathrooms. However, if two people or more will be frequently using the bathroom at the same time, then a double-sink vanity for your bathroom is the best option for you. This will mostly apply to master bathrooms, since both partners will be doing their morning routines at the same time.

3. The sink style

You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking what taps and faucet, you will install in your bathroom. On top of that, you have to think about the bowl, as it also has an impact on the utility and look of your vanity. With countless designs of sink styles, it can be arduous to choose the right one. The best way to approach this is knowing how much counter space you desire to have and how much space will be allotted to the sink.

That is, if you opt for the 60-inch Dream Vanities,  then you should keep in mind the several sink layouts available –  such as vessels sinks or offset sinks.

4. Find out the location of your plumbing

The location of your plumbing will dictate where your vanity will go. If you don’t consider this, then you may end up spending a lot of time and money in moving your plumbing to where the vanity is located. Furthermore, your plumbing will guide you in choosing the style. For homes with a typical plumbing layout, a floor-mounted vanity will be the perfect choice. Here, a wall-mounted vanity would not work out for you as you will have to move the plumbing hookups for your sink.

5. Desired amount of storage

The greatest perk of a vanity is having the storage you desire. You’ll finally have a place to store all your cosmetic and hygiene products. The amount of space you have in your bathroom will dictate the amount of storage you’ll have. A smaller bathroom will allow you to have a smaller vanity. However, if you have limited space in your bathroom, you can use a floating bathroom vanity or a wall-mounted bathroom vanity.

A bathroom vanity gives your bathroom a statement. It redefines your bathroom and makes it gorgeous. Regardless of the stylish tiles and painted walls you have, your bathroom will never be complete without the right vanity. Therefore, take careful account when choosing a sink for your bathroom vanity.

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