If you are experiencing targeted security threats, then your problems are much greater than the spyware running on your computing devices. It is imperative that you run physical checks in your home, office, and hotel room for any hidden cameras, mics, recording devices, and numerous other eavesdropping devices that someone might have planted. Below are quick steps to help you detect any eavesdropping devices and put your mind at ease knowing no one are listening or watching you.

1.  Switch Off the Lights and Look Around

One of the quickest ways to detect the less sophisticated bugs involves switching off lights and performing a visual check. Hidden cameras have a white or red light visible and the light may be static or blinking when recording. Yet another way to identify these bugs is by shining a flashlight around the room. Do this slowly as you look for any small light glimmers of any reflection coming from the camera lens.

2.  Carry Out A Manual Check

It takes less than 10 minutes to inspect bookshelves, under desks, and light fittings for bugs. These are some of the most obvious places where they are normally hidden. You may also check out the seemingly innocuous items such as smoke detectors, as air fresheners, and phone chargers. A good number of modern spy cameras, mics, and other bugs are often disguised as regular household objects thus making it particularly hard to spot.

3.  Investigate The Disturbed And New Items

When it comes to the interior of your home, you’re obviously very familiar with the space. As such, you can try and spot any new object planted in any of the rooms of your home. Are the objects re-arranged? Are there telltale marks or debris left on the shelves and other surfaces? By investigating the aforementioned spots, you’ll most likely save yourself plenty of time by picking up the obvious bugs quicker.

4.  Use a Dedicated RF Bug Detector

Using a bug detector presents you with the quickest and most effective way to sweep your home for bugs. The dedicated bug detectors pick up RF signals transmitted in your home. If you are being recorded or filmed secretly, then RF signals are most likely being used to monitor and receive data. To use this device, you need to switch off all electronic and electrical devices and walk around the rooms of your home slowly with the RF detector in hand. If there’s a surveillance device, the detector will sound a warning that increases in frequency or volume as you get closer to the transmission source. If you wish to spend some money in the right device, Gadgets Spy helps you choose a bug detector that will detect virtually any surveillance device you might not want around your home.

You can never be too paranoid, especially if you suspect that you are facing surveillance security threats in your home, office, or hotel room. After all, this is an issue revolving around the invasion of your privacy. Thankfully, you can follow the tips we provide above to know whether someone is secretly spying on you.

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