Drone technology has evolved rapidly in recent years to go from military only applications to becoming accessible to average homeowners. They are fun, easy to use, and are great for hundreds of different applications.


Buying a drone can be as easy as walking down to your local mall and spending less than $100 dollars on a worthwhile device. These tend to lean more towards being a toy than an actual piece of hardware, there are some drones that are available to consumers for upwards of $1000 dollars and have some of the most advanced flying and reconnaissance technology available. In fact, some organizations like DD Counter Measures have expanded on the idea of using drones for home surveillance and property surveying. Previously these tasks would either be done exclusively through stationary CCTV cameras or with lots of manpower and expensive equipment.


Here are just a few other interesting ways to put a drone to good use:

Aerial Photography

Previously getting high-quality pictures from a bird’s eye view required at bare minimum a plane with loads of expensive gadgetry on board. Thanks to the advent of drone technology, people can take stunning full HD pictures of whatever they wish from up to 400 feet or even higher. People who enjoy taking pictures while hiking has made excellent use of drones to show off the beautiful landscape in which they are visiting. Some of the most stunning aerial photos in recent years were taken with the aid of drone technology.


Previously to properly survey an area, you’d need a team of surveyors and enough time for them to diligently comb through the entire area you’d like and mapping out the boundaries with ropes or similar analog methods. Through the use of drones and advanced mathematics, individuals and organizations can now get a wealth of valuable and accurate information in a fraction of the time and with minimal cost. Not only that, drones are excellent for taking note of recent changes to the scenery of an area without having to trek all of the way there yourself.


Film Sets

Have you noticed a lot of panning aerial shots in films recently? That’s because of the ease of use and stability offered by drones. Where previously an expensive tower rig would need to be set up to get an aerial shot of an apartment building, filmmakers can now leisurely glide a camera attached to a drone through the air to get all of the shots they need with minimal intrusion on the neighborhood they are filming in. What used to be extremely expensive and dangerous shots can now be done in under an hour with the right drone.


Far from just a new toy for flying hobbyists, drones stand to change the way many different careers interface with the world by allowing for a much bigger perspective on the world. Law enforcement agencies, the film industry, as well as civil engineers are just a few of the many fields that have just begun to see the utility of having their own personal drone flying around.


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