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Philips Hue vs Lifx
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Home gadgets make your life way more easy and convenient than you think they can. Smart lightings are not left behind. These can be shockingly useful and also do some really cool things like switching off when you go out, turning on when you get back home, making lights hotter or cooler for you depending on the temperature of the day and your preference, they also flash to remind you of occasions, making lighting much more helpful than before.

But in any case, it is super difficult to select the correct lightings for your needs, given the variety of choices that are available out there.

While a bad lighting system may fail in a large part of it and be a torment for quite a while. A decent smart lighting system is quite simple and convenient to use, and also gives you a lot of alternatives on how to set up your home.

In this article, we are going to compare two of the best lighting systems that have brilliant lights, namely Lifx vs Hue.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
ColourRanges from 2000K to 6500KRanges from 2500K to 9000K
Lifespan 25,000-hour lifespan 23 years at 3 hours per day
Size/FittingThree bulb shapes (A19, BR30, and PAR19) and 2 different fittings (E26, GU10) Two bulb shapes (A19 and BR30) and three fittings (E26, E27, and B22)
Smart Hub CompatibilityWink hub, Wink hub 2,
Smart Things hub
Smart Things hub
Lumens800 lumens 1,000 lumens
SoftwareHas more third-party apps for different light control optionsMore user-friendly design and color wheel



Lifx and Hue are two of the best splendid lightings that are easily accessible today. These are both magnificent choices that give amazing color, shape and feel all around your home.

Lifx is splendid and is beneficial for any occasion. It gives you the brightest possible lights and has a lot of customizations. While, Hue is the best choice for complete customization, simplicity, and control through the entire home. It also gives amazing ease of use of the application and also gives good control over the smart lights.

Both Lifx and Hue have their own committed applications (apps) that accompany the already specified voice control capacity they have with smart speakers like Alexa. Both applications work perfectly with iOS and Android gadgets, and both of them enable you to control your lights, set timetables and hues, and even have a great time with highlights where you can play with settings like brightness and darkening highlights.

Though both the applications are quite similar to each other, Lifx allows for more control on a single screen, whereas the Philips Hue constrains you to pick a shading at that point and then hop to another screen to set the lighting. Shades can be adjusted from one area to another, which makes tweaking your brilliant lights to your inclination easy. Talking about the equipment of Lifx and Philips, there are quite a few distinctions. One of these distinctions is the competence that influences the decision of Lifx or Hue.

Lifx is composed of a short, round and hollow plastic edge that permits the globule’s gleam sparkle brighter and achieve more light. The knobs also allow more extensive conveyance of light beam to give your home a brighter vibe.

While in Hue, the equipment is outlined with a globe-like plastic that lets the light ricochet around and sparkle in a funnel-shaped shape. This looks cool if you are hanging it from a roof or in a bedside light holder. The Hue can cast itself gleaming down on everything inside its range. It also has a more extensive outline plot for more pillar reach.


LIFX is an amazing lighting system for any home. LIFX lights do not require a hub to connect to your Wi-Fi arrangement, it spares you those extra wired gadgets around your router. LIFX lights have excellent shading and brilliant choice of colors. The LIFX 1000 model can be set to a wide assortment of hues from red to violet, and anything in between. The knobs can put out a splendid 1055 Lumens (60-watt brilliant globules put out around 800 Lumens), however, hues do get blur to some degree at the brightest setting. LIFX lights can be set up to work with Amazon Echo and it also works with Nest. The organization has recently announced that Apple Homekit bolster is coming soon. However, it is doubtful whether the current knobs will be upheld once it is discharged.


There are a variety of models and variants available in LIFX lights. We are listing a few of them below:


    Lifx Mini
    Lifx Mini

As the name suggests, it is a mini light and every mini bulb wears a conservative outline, yet at the same time puts out a solid 800 lumens of light at crest splendor, which is generally equivalent to a 60W radiant regardless of just 9W each.

The Lifx Mini has globules, which include infrared night vision diodes to enables to see even the lightest of things for your surveillance cameras during the evening. Like the current Lifx globules and the Mini LEDs, each house has their own Wi-Fi radio, enabling them to communicate straightforwardly with your home system. That implies that you can control them from any place with a web connection, and it additionally implies that you don’t have to bother about the connectivity, as it comes with an exceptional center point to decipher their flag.


Another variant of Lifx is the Lifx Beam. It is an arrangement of color changing light bars that you have to adhere to your dividers to help light up the place and make it look lively. Each bar is around 12 inches long and contains 10 distinct “zones” of colors that you can control, program, and animate using the Lifx application on your Android, iOS, or Windows device. The Lifx Beam light bars and their stunning technicolor zones work similar to the Lifx Z shade changing light strip.


LIFX presented smaller than the usual forms of its Wi-Fi-associated brilliant lights and now the organization is back again with another item known as the LIFX Tile. It is a progression of five boards that are supposed to be mounted on a divider and can illuminate a wide range of hues. The tiles have 64 free zones each and bolster 16 million hues. Since the zones can be controlled freely, a solitary board can show various hues in the meantime. LIFX Tile appears to be principally ornamental, intended to make bright impacts amid the day and irritable lighting around evening time.

Lifx Z LED strip
Lifx Z LED strip

Lifx is the best alternative in the color changing smart globule class and it has recently presented “Lifx Z,” which is an arrangement of multicolor LED strips that you can stick up under cupboards or behind your TV set. They associate specifically to your switch using the Wi-Fi, simply like Lifx lights do, and even let you “paint” each strip with numerous hues. The starter unit accompanies two 1-meter strips and the module control supply with the extra 1-meter strip. The Lifx Z strips have a very straightforward interface where the strips are connected together and then they are connected to the power connector. The Lifx application will guide about connecting with the Wi-Fi flag and it will also connect them with your home system, after which you will be good to go.

Pros of LIFX

  • Works with Amazon Echo and Nest
  • Awesome lighting and shading choices
  • No hub is required

Cons of LIFX

  • Not bolstered by Apple HomeKit
  • Costly for a solitary light

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On the off chance that one name which is synonymous with shrewd lighting, is the Philips Hue. With its shading, changing globules and application control, Hue is the principal item to truly indicate what can be made possible with brilliant lighting. With changing times and different lightings, Hue has also evolved with a lot of models and variants. Also, the framework of Hue now bolsters Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home as well as Smart things. What’s more, it has its own sequence of switches and movement sensors as well.


Hue also has a huge collection of different variations in lighting. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Hue White and color ambiance Starter kit

With Hue white and color ambiance you can change your lighting experience into an exceptional one. This Home lighting offers shaded lighting that can be matched up to your music, TV, and diversions for impressive effects. Be innovative with 16 million hues, play with light and explore all the 16 million hues in a flash and change the look and environment of your room entirely. Moreover, this will help get you out of bed just the way you like, which helps you in beginning your day feeling invigorated. With the Hue iOS and Android applications, you can control your lights remotely from wherever you are. Just connect your Hue lights with the extension and begin finding the unlimited conceivable ways of lighting up your home. Control your lights from your cell phone or tablet with the Hue application and add changes to your framework to suit with your lights.

  1. Hue White ambiance Starter kit

Hue white ambiance helps you to doze off and wake up with ease. The soothing lights of this starter kit empower your mind and help you to think, read and unwind. Set the correct atmosphere based on your preferences with a scope of white light, from cool sunlight to unwinding warm white light. Remain centered with finely tuned splendid white light. It can enable you to complete things rapidly and proficiently without distractions. Set clocks, notices, alerts and more for the full Hue involvement. Hue even works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home and enables you to control your lights with your voice. In the event that you have forgot to turn your lights off before you stepped out of your home, you can easily do it from wherever you are remote with its app and also switch them on if need be.

  1. Hue Light Strips

Hue Light Strips extension pack gives you a chance to make perfect lighting mindset at home with your cell phone or gadgets. You can choose either curves, shapes, flex or anything, its completely your choice. Essentially you can also match up your lights to your hue bridge. Once that is done, you can control your lights remotely from any place in your home. Be it from the parlor, the dining table or from your room, this amazing gadget can control any light associated with the bridge. Hue light strips depend on ZigBee, which is a low power, safe, and solid innovation that helps in controlling your lights. New highlights and enhancements persistently add to the framework. Bend, shape and fix your hue light Strips to adjust them with the furniture and give new light impacts to the finishing. Because of the incorporated sticky tape of the Hue Light Strips, it’s easy to place the item at any place and on any item.

  1. Hue Bloom

With the new Hue Bloom, add a Hue Iris to your framework. A stylish mode light that sits on your work area, your rack or the floor and lights up your walls with wonderful shaded light. Hue bloom is intended to make circuitous surrounding lighting and is an ideal approach to feature particular furniture or architecture highlights in your home. Furthermore, it is a fitting based item. You can stretch, move it around and put it wherever a power attachment is accessible. Put it on your TV bureau, your bedroom, your work area or just underneath your most loved painting. You can place it beyond anyone’s ability to see, and these amazing lights will assure that you receive compliments for your interior. Connect your Hue Bloom lights with the extension to control your lights from your cell phone or tablet with the help of the Hue application.

  1. Hue Go

Add a Hue Go with white and shaded lights to your framework. The Go has rich looks with a straightforward and simple packaging. It is remote, versatile and rechargeable, up to 3 hours. Control it through the Hue framework or by means of the button on-product. Hue Go can be the most adaptable light in your home. You can connect it to an electrical plug and use it to paint your walls with hued or white light. Unplug it from the electrical plug and Hue Go turns into a convenient centerpiece that you can use to bring out the best light for your needs. It is controlled by a rechargeable inward battery and can last up to 3 hours. Likewise, in easy mode, Hue Go can be completely controlled with your gadgets. The implicit savvy battery ensures most extreme utilization as well. Though Hue Go is not waterproof, it can withstand high dampness.

Pros of Hue:

  • Technical changes make Hue a standout amongst all other globules available
  • The overhauled Hue Bridge is less noisy
  • Cutting edge highlights incorporate help for Apple’s Siri and Apple Watch

Cons of Hue:

  • Almost as costly as the original Hue
  • The Application still has the opportunity to get better
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Lifx vs Hue Conclusion

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both Hue and Lifx, and with the kind of color changing globules these days, both of these can be a great deal in terms of usefulness. In any case, if it is the hues that you are thinking about, then Lifx is a better pick than the Philips Hue. It produces brighter and bolder hues of each color, gloats a superior application, and it gets unique out of its combinations with IFTTT and Alexa. While the Hue has been the better with the connectivity and other technical things in general.

But since the knobs connect straightforwardly to your home system over Wi-Fi without the need of any center point, Lifx is the less demanding pick, to begin with. However, it’s your choice, after all, to select what suits your needs best lifx vs hue.

This was all about the Lifx and Hue LED Strips. There are other cool LED products that you may want to discover. For example: LED Grow lights. These are very specific LEDs that are used for indoor plantations. Doesn’t it sound cool to you? Well Yes! LED grow lights technology was invented by NASA, and there are serious plans of NASA for using these lights to grow plants on other planets (if we ever get a chance to visit one). However, now this technology is available for end user as a product for indoor farming.

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