The thought of moving into a new apartment is as exciting as much as it is nerve-wracking considering you’d want everything about it to be perfect, including its location, layout, amenities, and the overall price. However, before you sign any contracts, you need to ask yourself a number of questions that will help you figure out whether it’s a good buy. Since there are so many aspects to consider, you can easily lose track. So, below are simple tips you can apply if you want to be sure you’re selecting an apartment that matches your needs.

1. Location, Location, Location

The location of potential apartments is easily the most critical aspect you need to consider prior to committing to any property. For instance, if you need your new apartment to be nearer to your family, school, or job, check that it is only a short drive away or within walking distance.

2. The ideal layout

Depending on the structure and layout of the apartments, you will notice the stark difference in layouts. Even if you visit several apartments within the same complex, you will realize that you have a variety of styles to choose from with all having the same size of square footage. You may find that some include office spaces and reading nooks, while other units forgo the smaller, separate areas and opt for larger bedrooms and dining rooms. It is therefore important that you determine what kind of layout will suit your lifestyle.


For the individuals working frequently from home, an apartment with a designated space for the office is a good choice. Large entertainment areas, on the other hand, suit the individuals who love to host guests and house parties.

3. Evaluate the space

During the apartment tours, carry a tablet or notebook for purposes of recording the details of every potential property. Take note of the apartments whose paintwork will need freshening, including other repairs. Does the apartment have any damages? Take photos of everything you observe. If you spot any damages, point them out to the landlord.

4. Consider the amenities

Consider the amenities you consider most important for you and your family. Do you need a dryer and in-home washer? Additional parking spots, storage areas, or gym? The experts from The Vintage say it is important that you get important details such as the building costs (trash, water, and maintenance), pet fees, cable services, internet services, and more when looking for apartments for rent. These are important tidbits worth considering as you crunch the numbers.

5. Can you really afford it?

Before signing the lease papers, compare the neighboring properties. If the potential property is even slightly more costly than the rest, then you should find out if it comes with additional amenities.


Most importantly, ask yourself whether you can afford the apartment without putting a strain on your finances. While evaluating the cost of the apartment, factor in and budget your monthly expenses.


With a bit of planning, renting a new apartment can be a very rewarding experience. Remember to consider vital components such as the location, floor plans, and amenities. Apply the tips provided above for a stress-free experience. If you make the right choice, you will certainly enjoy your new apartment for many years to come.

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