Moving In Soon? Here are Things You Should Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Moving to a new home will always be exciting, but never stress-free. However, a little bit of advanced planning and a proper checklist of the things you need to get done before moving can make your moving process less disturbing.

It surely took you some time to finally find a new home, and you definitely don’t want to add more to your plate. However, some tasks, when performed before your actual relocation, can make it less likely to be troublesome on the longer run.

Change The Locks

Changing the locks before moving ensures that none of the old tenants will barge in on you while sitting on your living room couch.

Change Your Address and Update Friends and Family.

This is very important, so your mail doesn’t end up at your old address. You also should update all relevant businesses of your move. You can update your close friends about your new address and phone number via email or text. Remember to contact and update the following:

  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Car Insurance Provider
  • Your Bank

Professional Cleaning.

It is recommended that you hire professional cleaners who are specialized in end-of-lease house cleans. It is important to have the kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly cleaned before moving in. In addition, the cabinets and closets need to be cleaned and inspected for pests before unloading any of your items.

Pests inspected after the relocation is among the most horrifying homeowner’s nightmares. In Mississippi, for example, bats, ants, rats, and termites are among the most common pests. If you happen to be moving around in Mississippi, consider Synergy Pest Control for pest inspection and solutions for most homeowners. It is crucial that you do this step before moving any of your items to the new place; it makes getting rid of pests easier and more controllable within an empty space.

Connect Your Internet and Energy.

No one wants to move into the house with no internet. You need to contact your internet service provider a couple of weeks in advance to your moving date. Also, reconnecting the energy in your own name rather than the old tenants’ name is important and as easy as a phone call made to your energy provider. Most providers need only two days to reconnect the energy, so don’t do this too early on as not to pay for the previous usage.

Pack A First Week Box.

This tip is a lifesaver since it will be very hard for you to find specific items before unpacking your boxes. It is always a good idea to prepare a suitcase or box that includes clothes, towels, bed linens, and tools that you will need on the first days of your stay.

Hassle-free moving is everyone’s dream. As exhilarating as it may be to move to a new space, it never seems to be any less stressful, no matter how many times you do it. Changing locks, addresses, and phone numbers are important. As well as making sure your new home is well-cleaned and pest-free before the actual move to make things easier for you in the long run.

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