Panther Protect security door or window is a patented system that enables you to create a door or window screen that meets Australian standard for longevity, safety and security. It is made with high steel grade which is either stainless or galvanized. With the minimal cost to acquire it, panther protects the mesh door and offer total protection. Below are some of the reasons why you need panther for your property protection.


Maximum security and protection

The main work of the door is to act as a passage to your house. However, not just anybody should access your house, and that’s why you need the security. You need to have a door that will secure your residence and business area. Panther protect ensures your security doors and windows are put in place for the safety of your home. Clear glass door and window that allow buglers to watch your moves are now replaced with panther protect. The arranged thicknesses of the mesh prevent passers-by from seeing your home, thus less burglar risk. Panther uses advanced mesh detention design, and security screen like stainless steel mesh that promote the highest security.


Best quality of aesthetic

Your door and window should play an integral part of your home design. Panther protect products are quality, durable, and reliable. Due to differences in customer preferences, panther’s doors and windows are designed in a pleasing aesthetic manner. They come in stylish looks, different colors, and contemporary to traditional and they can be seamlessly integrated into different designs and styles. If you were thinking of security mesh, stainless steel mesh and security screen for your door and window, then panther protect should be your choice.


Maximum comfort

Panther’s doors and windows freshen and lighten the house by allowing maximum light to pass through as well as provide enough ventilation. They are designed in a way that they can provide natural light as well as free air flow. When the room is well ventilated and has more natural light can largely increase your comfort. This is also economical because you will not use electricity for lighting or ventilation hence saves on the power bills. Panther protect security door and screen promote safe and cozy environment because it protects UV rays and heat that can cause visual discomfort from entering the house.


High-class quality

Panthers protect security door and window are made to withstand pressure and warping that make it more durable. It made of aluminum and stainless steel, treated with a layer of powder coating for maximum corrosion prevention. You do not need to worry about quality since Panther’s products go through extensive testing and stringent quality by the independent bodies. They have a quality product that provides an impenetrable barrier at entry point thus minimizing frequent repair cost. To ensure customer get what they pay for, panther products have a 10 years warranty.


Gone are the days when you had to worry about the security of your home whenever you were out. Panther protect security is the solution to a secure home and business premises. You can now have peace of mind wherever you go knowing that your house is protected from any burglary or intruders.


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