Air conditioners are important machines that you can use at home. When maintaining your machine, it is important to replace or change the air filters so that it can offer you a long time of service. The today’s market offer varieties of air filters, which you can choose. Therefore, you can always change the filters any time you want, but it may be important to know how frequently you need to change them.


The following are some aspects, which can assist to determine how often people need to replace the air filters.

1. The frequency of using your air conditioner

Air conditioners, which are used regularly, will compel the users to change the air filters. People, who take vacations frequently, will not find it necessary to change the filters. Suburban home dwellers are advised to replace these parts after three months.

2. The type of air filters

The market has a wide range of filters, which you may select from. They vary in terms of efficiency and durability. Those that are efficient can trap particles properly and will last longer compared to air filters to others. It may be prudent to be keen when it comes to recommendations of manufacturers so that you can replace the right thing as well as make a correct adjustment.

3. The allergy conditions

Some people change air filters because of various allergens like dust, mold, and moisture among others. It may be thoughtful to replace your air filters after 45 days in case you are sensitive to various air contaminants as well as allergens. Changing the filters will assist your guests and family to breathe fresh air in the house. When the air is clean, it means good health would be guaranteed. Make sure you know the condition of your health so that you may know how frequent you ought to replace these important parts of the air conditioner.

4. The number of pets and people in the house

The number of individuals, as well as pets in the house, may determine after how long you will replace your air filters. When you have many family members in the house, it means the quality of air will be affected. This means the air conditioner will be overworked. The same case will happen when you have many pets in the house. According to FilterBuy, you will need to change these parts after 30 days so that you can maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner. In case you only have a single pet, then it would be necessary to change them after 60 days.

5. Your budget

Replacing the air filters will help the users to save money. Once you change these parts, you will not affect the electricity bills negatively. Dirty filters will always make your equipment to overwork. This may result in issues that will need you to repair the machine. Fixing the machine will need a professional to handle the task. This will incur you the additional costs, which you did not expect. When you are under a budget, you will have to replace the filters to avoid getting these extra expenses.


Many homeowners rely on air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable. It will be important to regularly replace these parts in case you want the machine to last for many years. It may also be vital to evaluate the above factors so that you may know when you should replace the air filters. If you have many pets and health problems, ensure you change them more often. With this, you will not only breathe in fresh air, but you will also be at ease in your house.


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