House cleaning isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite activity. Besides the mundanity of housecleaning, it’s pretty easy to overlook cleaning areas of the house such as closets, bathroom sinks, ceiling fans, and mattresses. Other common house areas that are missed during cleaning periods are shower grouts, baseboards, ovens, and refrigerators. While people may forget to clean these and other areas, failing to clean them leads to the accumulation of harmful fungi, mold and bacteria.

Below are the general time-lines of when each area of the house should be cleaned.

Living Rooms

Carpet: Once a week. Using a vacuum cleaner once a week or more can be an effective means of ridding the house of allergens, dirt, and dust.

Couch: Once every two weeks. Periodic cleaning with the vacuum’s upholstery attachment is crucial for keeping the couch allergen-, dirt- and oil-free and extending its service life.

Blinds and Windows: Once a month. A house’s blinds and windows can collect dirt and dust. Wiping them down monthly should keep them practically dirt-free.

Ceiling Fans: Once a month. Similar to blinds and windows, dust can gather on the blades of the ceiling fan and should be dusted monthly.

Baseboards: Monthly. Baseboards also collect dirt and dust and should be regularly cleaned with the vacuum’s brush attachment and an erasing sponge.


Bed Linens: Once weekly. Linens can grow a lot of bacteria due to body oils, dirt, and sweat.

Duvet Cover: Once monthly. Duvet covers can also accumulate a lot of bacteria as well as fungi. Some local dry cleaners are particularly skilled at dry cleaning woolen duvets. The dry cleaning process for duvets is simple, efficient, effectively removes all stains and dirt from duvets and eliminates the risk of shrinking duvets through conventional drying machines. They can also dry clean couch covers, mattress protectors and Cashmere blankets.

Bed Pillows: Every season. Ever three months, it’s best to clean pillows to clear them of skin cells, oil, and dirt.

Mattress: Every season. Use the vacuum upholstery attachment to clean the mattress and its cover.

Closets: Every six months. Try to keep classic items and toss out trendy clothes that are out of season.


Toilet: Daily. Considered the dirtiest spot in a house, it’s best to do light, daily cleanings and deep cleanings once a week.

Bathroom Sinks: Daily. Typically even dirtier than the toilet seat, it should be disinfected each day.

Bath Towels: Every three to four uses: Clean towels more frequently when they are used multiple times by one or more people.

Shower Grout: Weekly. The shower grout should be cleaned to maintain the shower’s clean appearance.

Bath Mats: Monthly. Make sure to properly air out bath mats that are cleaned.


Kitchen Counters, Sinks: Daily. Food products and dirty hands can make this one of the dirtiest places in a house.

Sponges: Weekly. Clean and eventually replace sponges before they smell and begin to fall apart, as they are already filled with bacteria by then.

Oven: Monthly. Regularly cleaning the oven makes the job much easier than waiting for a special occasion.

Dishwasher: Monthly. They accumulate grime from dirty dishes, so they should be routinely cleaned.

Refrigerator: Seasonally. Light daily cleaning is a good idea, but refrigerators should get a deep leaning around four times a year.

While house cleaning isn’t a very exciting activity, it’s necessary to prevent house areas, appliances, and furnishings from reaching hazardous levels of infection from mold, bacteria, and fungi. Each area and part has a specific timeframe in which it is crucial that it is properly cleaned. Strive to clean the areas of the house at regular and appropriate intervals to maintain a clean and safe environment for those who dwell within the house.

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